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Desert Eco Tours- Trips and tours in Israel - Tours to Jordan, Petra tours from Eilat - Tours to Egypt and Cairo including the Western Desert. Private Israel Tours, Negev desert tours, jeep tours from Eilat, excursions from Eilat, private desert tours, Mitzpe Ramon 4x4 jeep safaris, camel and hiking tours, all tailored to request. Jordan tours from Israel; Petra tours from Eilat, Petra and Wadi Rum tours, Madaba, Jerash and Mount Nebo. Tours to Cairo from Israel; Cairo tours from Eilat. Tours to Sinai: St. Ctherine Monastery and Mount Sinai tour. Tours in Israel: Jerusalem tours, trips to the Dead Sea, Masada, Ein Gedi, Ramon Crater from Eilat and Jerusalem. Christian Israel tours, Jewish Israel Tours, Israel private tours, sightseeing tours in Israel and private Israel tour guides.

'Perhaps I can tell you something of what I've seen in these years of wandering; but I shall never be able to tell you the grandeur of these mountains.'
John C. Van Dyke. The Desert 1901

Desert Eco Tours- Consists of a small and select group of renowned specialist tour guides whose knowledge and experience remains unequaled. A life-long devotion to their work unites them in a unique bond of friendship that has spanned decades. All the images appearing on this site were taken on Desert Eco Tours trips, they depict the unique essence and scenes from tours in Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

Desert  Eco Tours-  Is based in Israel and specializes in unique tours that get off the beaten track to provide a truly authentic tour experience. From popular daily tours to lengthy Sahara expeditions. Desert Eco Tours literally goes that extra mile and has long been the number one choice for discerning visitors to the area.

Desert Eco Tours-   Has a reputation for quality and enjoys a strong internet presence. It is endorsed by the 'New York Times', the 'Lonely Planet' and the Cultured Traveler. The company has annually received the 'Tripadvisor Award of Excellence' of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013..


                      Latest  Tours:
 * Customized your own Highlight-tour of Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Petra.
 * The Western Desert of EgyptTour, 15 or 11 day tour, self drive    
   Winter 2012. (From Egypt or Israel)
 * 4 days Petra- pyramids, tour to Jordan and Egypt from Eilat
 * Camel / Hiking tour in the high range of Sinai- Egypt, from Israel, gallery 
 * Sinai tours- Egypt 4 day tour, jeep tour (self drive optional) 
 * Jordan tours: 5 days Jordan and Petra. Extreme abseiling in Jordan
 * 5 days hiking tour- Petra and the canyons of Jordan  
 * Tours in Israel- Jeep and hiking in the Negev Desert
 * Camel tours in the Sinai desert and in Wadi Rum, Jordan
 * Extreme private tours in Jordan and Sinai- Trekking and rappling.
 * Excursions to Dead Sea, Masada, Ramon Crater, Jerusalem from Eilat

Tours in Israel - Not only covers all of Israel's major attractions and  scenic tour routes but gets well off the beatten track to explore the hidden gems too.  Jerusalem, Masada, Dead Sea, Galilee, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Mitzpe Ramon and of course Negev jeep tours are all popular tour choices in Israel.

Jordan tours from Israel - Taking in the most dramatic scenery in Jordan on a wide selection of tours; from short day trips from Eilat to comprehensive tours of Jordan's most famous sites and natural highlights. Popular scheduled tours include one day Petra tours from Eilat,  two day Petra and Wadi Rum tours and three day sightseeing tours to Petra, Jerash, Madaba and Mount Nebo. The more intrepid explorers may opt for Camel tours in Wadi Rum or hiking in the dramatic Dead Sea canyons. Private tours of Jordan from Israel are also a popular option.


Tours to Egypt from Israel-
  Two day Cairo tours from Israel, that cover all the famous sightseeing attractions including; Giza, the Pyramids, the Cairo museum, and the Sphinx.  Day trips to Mount Sinai and St Catherine's Monastery from Eilat.  Private tours of Egypt from Israel; Cairo, Luxor, The valley of the Kings, Aswan and Abu Simbel.

Sinai Tours: From one day tours to Saint Catherine's monastery and Mount Sinai from Eilat, to tours that cover the fabulous natural beauty of the Sinai peninsula. Authentic camel tours with local Bedouin in the stunning sandstone area and hiking tours that take in the best routes and most breathtaking scenery of the High Range area. The Sinai coastline is among the finest in the world both for its astonishing marine life and above water views our jeep tours in the Sinai cover the most dramatic desert scenery and take in coastal views that only 4x4's can reach. 

Israel, Jordan and Egypt combined (3 countries tour): Covering all the highlights of Israel, Jordan  Sinai and Egypt or including Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Petra, Cairo and the Pyramids. These tours are popular with guests who want to cover all the major sites on a single tour. Tours of Israel, Jordan and Egypt are tailored to individual requirements and cater to a range of budgets. An example of a short 7 days option includes 3 days in Israel, two days in Jordan and two days in Cairo. This allows visitors to cover Israel's main sites and take in Petra, Wadi Rum, the pyramids and the highlights of Cairo all on a single visit. Visitors with more time may also opt for more of Jordan's highlights including Madaba and Jerash or choose to add Luxor to the Egypt section on their trip. Alternately the tour may be focused on Jordan or Egypt with the two days being done in the other countries ie, Israel - Masada, Dead Sea and Jerusalem. The tour planning is interactive and our team of tour planners are at hand to offer advice and recommendations.   

Note: Booking directly not only ensures you the optimum tour, it also cuts traveling costs.

People booking tours with us can also take advantage of our very special rates on hotels and domestic flights in Eilat and all of Israel. Our best hotel deals are reserved for tour participants


Spring in the desert

Jeep Tours: Off-road tours go right off the beaten-track and explore the places few toursits get to see. Eilat desert tours, 4x4 Negev jeep tours - Jeep tours in Wadi Rum- Jordan, the Sinai desert and the Western Desert - Egypt.

Desert Camel Tours: the most enchanting way to experience the desert. Tours in the Negev desert, the Eilat Mts, the Sinai desert and Wadi Rum in Jordan. 

Hiking Tours  Walking and trekking tours in Israel,  Eilat mountains, Negev Desert, and Galilee. Hiking in Jordan; Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea Canyons. Hiking in Egypt; Mount Sinai,  Saint Catherine's Monastery and the High Range of Sinai.

Combined Tours For the full outdoor experience we combine Jeep, Hiking and Camel tours together, these tours are available in Israel, the Negev desert, Jordan, Wafi Rum and Egypt's Sinai desert. 

3 countries tour: Customized your own Highlight-tour of Israel, Egypt, Sinai, Jordan and Petra

Desert Eco Tours From short tours in Israel and Petra, to Sahara expeditions in the Western Desert. We operate unique tours for those who want more than the set itineraries of standard tour operators. So if you have the will, we'll show you the way to the experience of a lifetime. 

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    Tours to Cairo Egypt from Eilat

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St. Catherine Monastery, Sinai


    Egypt & Cairo tours from Israel

 Dead Sea Masada tours from Eilat

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