4 days camel tour in the Southern Negev Desert and the Eilat Mts.

The desert is not dying it is merely waiting with infinite patience.
Avraham Shaked

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Eilat Mts. And The Southern Negev 4 Days (3 nights) Camel Tour
Day 1: Arriving at the small village of Shaharut we are welcomed by the locals in their huge Arabian tent known as ‘The Khan' (a lodging tent for desert travelers), it is laden with mattresses and carpets for oriental comfort and enjoys what are probably the most breathtaking views in the whole of the Negev. Here we enjoy desert hospitality while final preparations for our tour take place, we are introduced to our camels and by sunset enjoy a short camel tour along the cliffs of the Arava (Great Rift Valley). Returning to The Khan by dusk we enjoy our evening meal and a briefing on the upcoming tour days before settling for an Arabian night on the mattresses of The Khan.
Day 2: Following breakfast we pack our belongings and equipment into our saddle bags and board our camels. We set off from Shaharut along a picturesque camel track  that takes us through the wadis of Isaron, Zugan, G'dera and Tse'alla.  Following sunset we reach the Well of Milhan.  Here we set up camp for the night under the desert skies.

Day 3: From Milhan well we continue south to Mt. Berekh which, at 850m above sea level, is the highest in the area. We walk through  Metek Valley  where we find colorful rocks of gypsum crystals. This route takes to Mt. Berekh's fantastic views over the famous Timna Valley, site of the worlds earliest copper mines.  We continue until we reach Mt. Bosmat where we set up camp.

Day 4:  From Mt. Bosmat we head to Wadi Eteq and the Eteq Canyon. Year round rock pools within the canyon make this area a popular spot for wildlife. We explore the hidden beauty of the Eteq canyon. before continuing up  the Eteq Ascent to the Negev Plateau. Here we end  our tour and are met by the vehicles.  


Camel tours in the Negev, Sinai & Jordan
Camel tours in the Negev, Sinai & Jordan


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