4 days Camel Tours in  the Negev desert incl the Spice Route, the Ramon Crater and Nekarot Valley.

 Israel Desert Tours, 4 days Camel Tours in  the Negev desert incl
the Spice Route and the Ramon Crater


It is a gaunt land of splintered peaks, torn valleys, and hot skies.
And at every step there is the suggestion of the fierce, the defiant, the defensive.
The Desert / John C. Van Dyke- 1911
Negev Camel Tours

Jeep Camels & Snorkeling Tour

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Camel Tours

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Camel tours in the Negev desert

Negev 4 Day ( 4 nights) 'Spice Route' and the Ramon Crater
Following the same route as the ancient Nabatean Merchants, we experience the same sights and views in much the same spirit as they did thousands of years earlier. This three-day (plus 3-night) camel tour begins during the evening at the ruins of one of the ancient rest stops on the famous 'Spice Route' called Mo'ah. Today local Bedouins offer the same services to travelers as were offered in ancient times, water, food and accommodation.
Today's 'modern' services also include shower and toilet facilities. Having spent the night in their Bedouin tent, we begin our camel journey along the Spice Route. Throughout the tour we alternate between riding and hiking. This tour covers the most picturesque and scenic part of the route and during the first day we enjoy the beautiful views between the ancient Mo'ah and Katzra Rest Stops. Stopping on the way for small breaks and a picnic lunch. Having passed Katzra we reach Mt. Masa at the foot of the mount we settle for our evening meal and spend night under the starry skies.
During the 3rd day we follow the route through Wadi Nekorot and on to the Ramon Crater. Exploring this unique geological phenomenon and enjoying its unusual sights and views. In the midst of this crater is a small spring called Ein Saharonim and nearby is the Bedouin tent of Beiarot. Here we spend our final desert night
On the 4th and final day we journey to the crater wall and onto one of the most dramatic hiking routes in the Negev, an ascent that takes us right to the top of the Ramon Crater. Having reached the top of the crater's cliffs and the end of our desert adventure, we rest to enjoy the remarkable views and reflect on the three Arabian days and nights that we have spent in this unique desert area.
Price: 2 people $1790 total, 4 people $590 p.p, 5 people or more $570 per person. 


The Small Crater- Negev desert


Accommodation on tours / trips: Camping outdoors, desert inns, or hotels.
The best time for touring the Negev Desert is from November through to April.

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Camel tours in the Negev desert
Camel tours in the Negev desert



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