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’It is here, I reflected, that the soul of a proud or despairing man finds the ultimate happiness.’ 
Report to Greco, Nikos Kazantzakis


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Spring in the Negev desert
Spring in the Negev desert


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7 Day North Israel - Nature & Culture - Hiking Tour ( Israel tours )

An Israel tour for nature lovers who don't want to miss any of the unique religious and historic sites of northern Israel (Safed to Galilee region). This tour covers the scenic “Sea to Sea” route, from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee. This classic Israel tour takes in many historic and cultural sites including the Montfort Castle, the holy Druze shrine of Nabi Sabalan and the town at the center of Jewish Kabbalah - Safed. Accommodations include Hotels, Kibbutz Guesthouses, Druze family hostels and camps. Transport - 4x4 and hiking.
Day 1: Starting on the coast of Mediterranean at Rosh HaNikra we start our tour with a walk through caves carved by the sea into the rock. Continuing along the tracks of the Haifa-Beirut railway, through a disused tunnel and onto the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. At the ruins of the ancient Phoenician city Achziv we begin our “Sea to Sea” trek across some of Israel's most scenic routes. We walk into Nahal (Wadi) Keziv and up through a dense forest to the ancient Crusader fortress Montfort. We descend the Wadi along a path built by the British police to track smugglers entering Israel from French Lebanon. We then ascend to the Goren Park where we end the day.
Day 2: From the Goren Park we continue through the valley of Keziv and to the “Hidden Spring” – Ein Tamir. After some more hiking through the Keziv valley we ascend to Mezad Abirim, a scenic Crusader Fortress.
Day 3: Hiking the Druze village Hurfeish and the Druze sacred site of Nabi Sabalan. Here we meet Druze people and learn about their interesting culture. We hike to the Hiram Valley and to Mt. Meron via the Neriya Valley. We end the day at Khirbet Hamama
Day 4: We visit the summit of Mt. Meron, on the Summit Path. Here we enjoy the scenic views of the Upper Galilee. We end the day by hiking down the mountain and visiting the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Marsaba Monastery- Jodean desert
Marsaba Monastery- Judean desert

Day 5: Today we explore more of Israel's scenic highlights and the ruins of the ancient synagogue at Khirbet Shema. We walk through Nahal Meron until we reach the Ein Yakim spring. We ascend to the spiritual city of Safed, the center of Jewish Kabbalah. The remainder of the afternoon is spent strolling the narrow lanes of Safed, visiting its synagogues and enjoying its special ambience and history.
Day 6: Today we complete the ‘Sea to Sea trek'. Departing Safed we hike along the cliffs of Wadi Akbara. We hike from Wadi Akbara and into Nahal (Wadi) Amud and along its canyon that leads into the Sea of Galilee. Here we visit the Galilee's most scenic and historically significant ruins before spending a relaxing evening enjoying spectacular views of the Sea (Lake Kineret)
Day 7: The final day of the tour begins on the summit of Mt. Beatitudes; the “Sermon on the Mount” is believed to have been given here. We walk a scenic route to Tabgha to visit the 6th century Church of the Bread and Fish. We continue on to Capernaum to visit the ruins of St. Peters House and the famous synagogue. Returning to our vehicle we drive through the Golan Heights and to the Roman ruins of Susita. We hike down the slopes of the Golan Heights onto Kibbutz Ein-Gev on the Sea of Galilee. We end this special tour with a swim in the Sea of Galilee and dinner at a Fish Restaurant on the shores of Galilee.
Price:  Incl. jeep/ car and a guide.

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