Camel treks in the Wilderness of the Sinai, Jordan and the Negev deserts.

Camel tours in Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Trips in Eilat Mts, the Negev desert, Egypt, Sinai and the Jordanian deserts

"The waste places of the earth, the barren deserts, the tracts forsaken of and given over to loneliness,
have a peculiar attraction of their own. The weird solitude, the great silence, the grim desolation,
are the very things with which every desert wanderer falls in love."

The Desert / John C. Van Dyke 1901


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Camel tours in the Sinai, negev & Jordanian deserts
Camel tours in the Sinai, Negev & Jordanian deserts

Video of camel tour in the sand stone area of Sinai

These itineraries are part of a wider selection of tours. All of our tours can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.
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Eilat Mts. And The Southern Negev 4 Days Camel Tour
DAY 1: Arriving at the small village of Shaharut we are welcomed by the locals in their huge Arabian tent known as 'The Khan' (a lodging tent for desert travelers), it is laden with mattresses and carpets for oriental comfort and enjoys what are probably the most breathtaking views in the whole of the Negev. Here we enjoy desert hospitality while final preparations for our tour take place; we are introduced to our camels and by sunset enjoy a short camel tour along the cliffs of the Arava (rift valley). Returning to The Khan by dusk we enjoy our evening meal and a briefing on the upcoming tour days before settling for an Arabian night on the mattresses of The Khan.
DAY 2: Following breakfast we pack our belongings and equipment into our saddle bags and board our camels. We set off from Shaharut along a picturesque camel track that takes us through the wadis of Isaron, Zugan, G'dera and Tse'alla. Following sunset we reach the Well of Milhan - (an ancient well restored during the British mandate). Here we set up camp for the night under the desert skies. Approx. 15 km is covered on this day and camp is 650m above sea level.
DAY 3: From Milhan well we continue south to Mt. Berekh which, at 850m above sea level, is the highest in the area. We walk through Metek Creek where we find colorful rocks of gypsum crystals. This route takes to Mt. Berekh's fantastic views over the famous Timna Valley, site of the world's first copper mines. We continue until we reach Mt. Bosmat where we set up camp. Approx. 12km covered on this day and camp is 800m above sea level.
DAY 4: From Mt. Bosmat we head to Wadi Eteq and the Eteq Canyon. Year round rock pools within the canyon make this area a popular spot for wildlife. The more adventurous participants can, with the aid of the ropes and ladders fitted to the canyons walls, explore the hidden beauty of the Eteq canyon. From here our camel voyage continues up the Eteq Ascent to the Negev Plateau. Here we enjoy our final rest-stop that marks the end of our tour, from here we head for the main road and are met by the vehicles that will take us us back to civilization.

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Camel tours in the Sinai, negev & Jordanian deserts

Sinai 7 Days Camel Tour
Focused in Eastern and Central Sinai. Difficulty level - from easy to difficult, according to request. Assisted by friendly Bedouin camel handlers we board our 'Ships of the Desert' and in the true spirit of desert exploration we begin our adventure into the depths of the Eastern Sinai. During this desert voyage we explore sandstone canyons, ride over majestic sand dunes and leisurely tread ancient camel routes. We visit Bedouins in their camps and 'hermit' Bedouins who for decades have chosen a solitary existence deep in the heart of the desert. We visit the Rock of Inscriptions (some of which are 2000 years old) and Nawamis, an ancient tribal cemetery (4000BC). We enjoy the remarkable views from the summits of the beautiful Sandstone Mountains including Jabal Matamir and Jabal Birga. In the enchanting oasis of Ein Hudra and Ein um Ahmed we rest by the water and stroll through the shady orchards. The tour includes two days exploring Mt. Guna whose ever-changing views and incredible dawns and sunsets make it one of the most picturesque mountain routes in the whole of Sinai. This tour combines leisurely camel riding with walking and plenty of breaks for you, your camel and our tea worshiping Bedouin friends. We camp under the starry desert skies and/or enjoy the warm Bedouin hospitality in their camps.

Customers' review about the Sinai camel tour   
Hi Ellen. Here are my comments about our 5 days camel trip to the Sinai.  Let me also say that Desert Eco Tours did a marvelous job of organizing what is a very complicated trip internationally and politically and culturally.  I'm very impressed, by the vision and execution.  Is there any way I can send a letter of thanks to Rashid and Amer?
It's impossible  to adequately describe our amazing 5-day camel trip through the sandstone area of the Sinai.  The trip far exceeded my expectations, which were quite high.  I wanted a deep and authentic experience of this desert and I got that and so much more.  We slept under the stars, ate delicious melons and stews and bread freshly baked in the coals of the fire, drank tea and talked around the fire, and rode and led and helped round up the three sweet camels, each of which had an amusing  personality all its own.   Truly, every moment of those 5 days was exhilarating.  I was awestruck, on every level, by the silence, the vastness and variety and majestic beauty of the landscape, the clarity of the air, the intense blue of the sky, the long history it bears witness to,  the astounding display of stars every night, and the warmth. gentleness, humor, graciousness, and expertise of our Bedouin guides.  Rashid and Amer guided us to a different area every day, each one more beautiful than the last--and not once did we see a vehicle or even another human being after we left the Bedouin community at the ancient habitation of Ein Hudra. What made the trip as relaxing as it was stimulating was that we knew we were in the best of hands; we could not have had better guides for this area or better hosts anywhere.  As we traveled and ate together, Rashid and Amer taught us about the Sinai's medicinal and other plants, its animals and birds, its history, and the ways of its people.  They were gracefully attentive to every nuance of our needs and comfort and safety and enjoyment, while respecting our privacy.  My only regret is that I could not stay longer than 5 days.  I would happily have traveled with Rashid and Amer for 2 weeks or more.  As soon as I can, I will return to the Sinai to explore more of its eternal beauty and freedom of the heart with Rashid, Amer, and their camels. Mariam Lane Potter, November 2010, Sinai 5 days camels

Images from our Sinai camel tours

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Camel tours in Wadi Rum- Jordan
Camel tours in Wadi Rum- Jordan

Jordan- Wadi Rum 4 Days Camel Tour
Difficulty level - from easy to difficult, according to request. Exploring the whole region of the legendary Wadi Rum upon the most ancient and by far the most enchanting mode of desert transport, the camel. With its leisurely pace and gentle swing this great creature carries its rider and load over sand and mountain, through canyons and wadis, whilst barely seeming to notice their presence. Despite ungrounded stigmas to the contrary, the camel is in fact a
quiet placid animal (although occasionally stubborn) whose harmonious relationship with its handler often lasts for a lifetime. In this region particularly, camels have for thousands of years been living with the Nomadic Bedouin and are entirely domesticated. Escorted by its Bedouin handler (who will show you how to ride your camel properly and comfortably), your camel will carry you on the desert voyage of a lifetime, through this mystical and magnificent land. Where, since ancient times, its rare visitors have witnessed in awe, its timeless and splendid wonder. During this voyage you will meet with local Nomadic Bedouin and witness their unique way of life. You will walk through desert valleys and canyons, rarely explored since the dawning of time and visit the stunning Nabatean City of Petra. Our evenings and nights are spent around a campfire under the astonishingly clear skies laden with millions of brilliant stars which, since legends began, make the desert nights the most magical of all.


Touring the Sinai Desert: Camel trips
Touring the Sinai Desert: Camel trips


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