Eilat tours to Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Masada, Ein Gedi & Judean Desert. Day trip to Masada, Dead Sea & Ein Gedi from Eilat.

" The first star began to shine, and I said to myself that this pure surface
had lain here thousands of years in sight only of the stars."

Antoine De Saint - Exupery - Wind, Sand and Stars.


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Tours to Jerusalem from Eilat
Tours to Jerusalem from Eilat


Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada, Dead Sea- 2 day tour

Jerusalem tours, Judean Desert, Ein Gedi, Masada and The Dead Sea from Eilat

Jerusalem Tour - Full day Sightseeing tour in Jerusalem
A in-depth Jerusalem tour exploring Jerusalem's rich history and most famous sights. This full tour of Jerusalem also departs from Tel Aviv and central Israel.
For visitors to Israel looking for a Jerusalem tour that offers an objective perspective on the major events that have shaped Jerusalem's dramatic history. We explore many of Jerusalem's major sights and finest examples of architecture. Visiting splendid Orthodox churches, The Islamic school and the Citadel of David. This Jerusalem tour has no particular religious or political orientation but aims at offering an in-depth perspective on Jerusalem's historic significance to the three monotheistic religions which are so deeply rooted here. It also covers the turbulent political events which have ravaged the city throughout history. This Jerusalem tour explores the best of Jerusalem's splendid sights and takes in its most scenic views.
Starting Early on the Mount of Olives we begin with a briefing on the history of Jerusalem whilst taking in the views of the Old City below. We make our way to the Garden of Gethsemane where we visit the famous Church of All Nations and the beautiful Orthodox Church dedicated to Mary Magdalene. From here we make our way up to the old city walls and begin our tour of Jerusalem's Old City at the Western wall. The Western wall is by far the most sacred site in Jerusalem for Jews, it is situated next to the temple mount. We visit the fascinating excavations of the city wall tunnels and visit the Dome of the Rock (if open), which is Islam's most sacred place in Jerusalem. From here we make our way through the Jewish Quarter to the Pools of Bethesda near the Lion's gate. We visit the Islamic school which enjoys spectacular views of the Dome of the Rock. Beside the school we find the picturesque Franciscan Monastery of the Flagellation, which marks the beginning of the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa). The Via Dolorosa has many sights of interest along its length and it leads through the Arab quarter and Arab market to the massive Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We tour the various decorative chapels within this imposing Church including the hill of Bogota (Calvary) and the Tomb of Jesus. From here we head to the Citadel of David and tour the museum and ancient ruins. A short walk from here through the Armenian quarter and we reach Zion's gate and Mount Zion. Here we find both the Last Supper Room and the traditional site of the Tomb of King David. We take in the views as the sun sets over Jerusalem and our packed day of Jerusalem sight-seeing draws to an end. Transportation from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv or other locations available upon request.

Starting and ending in Jerusalem: 2 people- 560$, 3 people: 220$ p.p. 4-5 people: 180$ p.p.
Starting and ending in Tel Aviv: 2 people- 690$, 3 people: 260$ p.p. 4-5 people: 220$ p.p.
Price from Eilat: 2 pax - 740$, 3 pax- 880$, 4 pax - (small car) 235$ p.p./ (7-seater) 295$ p.p. 5 pax - 270$ p.p. 6-8 pax– 240$ p.p.


the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
the Church of the Holy Sepulcher: Jerusalem


2 Day Jerusalem tour - Sightseeing tour of Jerusalem
In the same spirit as the one day tour of Jerusalem above we spend the first day covering the major sights of the Old City of Jerusalem. Beginning on the Mount Of Olives and exploring all the major sites within the city walls.

The second day take we get well off the beaten track and visit sights outside the city walls, we tour the best of Jerusalem's scenic countryside in the area of the picturesque village of Ein Karem (Biblical Judah and birthplace of John the Baptist). We walk through its woodlands and explore its hidden gems of natural beauty and historic importance. We find here the Church of John the Baptist and Mary's well. We visit also the Chagall windows and making our way back to central Jerusalem we tour one of Israel's most important sites, the haunting Holocaust memorial of Yad Vashem. We tour the several halls before making our way back to central Jerusalem for completion of our tour. (A visit to the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem optional.)

1-Day Jerusalem from Eilat
A packed Jerusalem day-trip from Eilat. This one day sightseeing tour to Jerusalem explores many of Jerusalem's main tourist attractions and covers all of Jerusalem's historic quarters: Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Moslem. Making the very best of a Jerusalem day trip from the hotels of Eilat (Sinai and Jordan).
From Eilat to Jerusalem: We set off from Eilat driving through the 'Great Rift Valley' along the Arava Road to the Dead Sea. Here, at the foot of Masada, we take a short break and can enjoy a brief dip in the Dead Sea. Back on tour we reach Jerusalem. We start our sightseeing trip of the Old city of Jerusalem on The Mount of Olives, first touring its famous cemetery. We then visit the nearby Garden of Gethsemane and the Church Of All Nations. From here it's a short journey to the ancient fortress walls of Jerusalem; here we begin our tour of the 'Old City'. Starting in the Jewish quarter at the Western wall, we continue to the Temple mount and Jerusalem's famous golden Dome of the Rock. From here we tour the scenic alleyways that lead us to the 'Way of the Cross' (Via Dolorosa), this route takes us from the Arab Quarter through to the Christian quarter and follows all the Stations of the 'Way of the Cross'. This leads to Christianity's most revered site in Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We enter this massive Basilica to see the Hill of Calvary and the Tomb of Jesus. From here we continue our Jerusalem tour towards the Armenian quarter and The Citadel, (Tower of David), time allowing we tour the citadel museum before returning to Eilat and tour completion.
Price from Eilat: 2 pax - 740$, 3 pax- 880$, 4 pax - (small car) 235$ p.p./ (7-seater) 295$ p.p. 5 pax - 270$ p.p. 6-8 pax– 240$ p.p.
Can be done from Sinai, Aqaba and Jordan as well (not incl border tax + transfer fees)

Not incl lunch. Modest clothing required for Jerusalem.   


Tours to Masada from Eilat
Tours to Masada from Eilat

1 Day Dead Sea, Ein Gedi & Masada
Driving first to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve near the Dead Sea. We hike through the Nahal David. After visiting the largest waterfall in the reserve we hike up to Shulamit's Spring. We also visit the nearby chalcolithic Temple, and the Ein Gedi Spring. Returning to our vehicle we drive along the shores of the Dead Sea to the famous fortress of Masada (King Herod's Palace). Although there is the option to ascend by cable car, fit hikers generally prefer to ascend this famous mountain on “The Messengers Path”. This route enables us to get a closer look both at the Herodian water cisterns and the Roman siege network which was constructed to crush the Jewish resistance. After touring Masada we descend to our car on the historical 'Snake Path'. We end the day with a dip in the Dead Sea.
Price: 2 pax - 740$, 3 pax- 880$, 4 pax - (small car) 235$ p.p./ (7-seater) 295$ p.p. 5 pax - 270$ p.p. 6-8 pax– 240$ p.p.
Not incl lunch & entrance fees (Masada)

2-Days Jerusalem/Masada/Dead Sea Tour from Eilat
Day 1: We head straight for Jerusalem and as with the one day tour we take in all of Jerusalem's main sights. The Mount of Olives, The Garden Of Gethsemane, the Church of all Nations, The City Walls, The Western Wall, The Temple Mount, The Dome of the Rock, The Way Of the Cross (Via Dolorosa), The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, The Hill Of Calvary and the Tomb of Jesus. We also visit Tower of David before checking-in to our hotel. An optional night tour of Jerusalem available.

Dead Sea tours from Eilat
Dead Sea tours from Eilat


Day 2: We leave Jerusalem for Bethlehem, here we visit the Church of the Nativity before heading South into the desert and to The Dead Sea and Masada. We enjoy the stark desert scenery and ascend by cable car the impressive cliff face overlooking the Dead Sea. Here we find the ruins of King Herod's Palace - Masada. It was atop Masada that the last of the Jews resisting the Roman conquerors committed mass suicide. We tour the impressive ruins and take in its spectacular views. Masada is one of the most visited sites in Israel. From Here we go down to the Dead Sea where we enjoy the healing properties of the mineral rich mud and take a dip in the salty waters. Returning by evening to Eilat and tour completion.
Price: Up to 4 people $1290 total, 5+ people $290 each
Not incl. hotels, meals and entrances fees - Modest clothing is required     


Desert jeep tour combined with camels and Red Sea snorkeling 

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