"That beam of light! Was there ever anything so beautiful! How it flashes
its color through shadow, how it gilds the tops of the mountains and gleams white on the dunes of the desert!
In any land what is there more glorious than sunlight! "

The Desert / John C. Van Dyke 1901



Dear Erez, Angela & Joza,

Without any doubt, we had a fantastic time on our first tour to Israel and Jordan - and you, your staff and your fantastic guide - Joza, were the greatest part of that success!!!
First let me say, you were not the first tour company that we discussed our desires traveling to the Holy Land.  Four other private tour companies either tried to force me to accept their itineraries, touring destinations and time tables.  Only one other company would even consider the cities and locations I wanted to see and the route in which we wanted to tour Israel!  That company - perhaps much larger than yours, wanted more than twice the fee and excluded paying for many of the things that Desert Eco Tours included, many of which our FANTASTIC private guide JOZA, paid for himself.
There was such a difference in responses when I talked with Desert Eco Tours from the other Tour companies I talked with.... so much so, that I was getting nervous that Desert Eco Tours was too good to believe!  But you held my hand, and with only emailing back and forth, we chose you and put our travel plans in your hands.

When we met JOZA... any apprehensions and anxieties about what we got ourselves into, quickly vanished and we knew we were in great hands.
Israel, Petra, Jordan.... are amazing all by themselves.  But Joza brought them to life with meaning, importance and a dedication to their reverence only he can imbue!!!  We were a party of six.  One Rabbi, one teacher, one Bar Mitzvah boy, one diabetic, one pessimist and my never-still, always running around 9 year-old.  Somehow JOZA touched us all and kept us keeping up with his enthusiasm, excitement and involvement.
Joza made my son's Bar Mitzvah atop Masada so very special, single-handedly!  He always thought about keeping my daughter interested in every ancient stone and artifact, and he kept our Rabbi up-to-date on the new and the old.  Joza took better care of my diabetes than I, he was amazing.  When we parted with Joza a few days before leaving Israel - we missed him more, than I think we missed the ending of such a wonderful trip.
We did it all!  Swim with dolphins, swim in the Dead Sea, Red Sea, Med. Sea, parasailing, exploring everywhere.  We experienced Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, and we stayed away from the touristy places where experiences can be so scripted.  Atop mountains, hills, in canyons and cliffs.  We saw ruins, animals, people, cats, places and activities that made us part of the experience, and not just from an air-conditioned seat in one of those always moving buses.  did I mention cats!
We never had to worry about our hotel rooms, where to eat, what to do, who was going to take care of us whiny Americans.  Desert Eco Tours did it all!  Joza took care of us!!

At the end of our time with Joza, we tried to extend his time with us, even at additional expense.  We did not want to part with this man, this new part of our family!  We may be out of Israel, but Joza made sure Israel was not out of us.  Joza, will also be apart of us, and we plan to seem him again.
For those of you who read this letter because you are seeking where to go, what to worry about, and who should take you.... I know, I know, everyone recommends someone -Desert Eco Tours and Joza Wilfe are everything you need, everything you want, and everything you can dream for.
And to you Joza, as the tears swell in my eyes with gratitude, may I say THANK YOU for being you, for all that you did for us, for all that you shared with us.... we love you and we miss you my friend and so does the Rabbi, Charlie, Josh, my wife and little Halle!
We have no regrets.  Nothing to whine about, nothing to suggest to change.  And Joza Wilfe and your team at Desert Eco Tours made this happen.  I have so much more to say to any prospective clients that may see this letter.  Please feel free to email me directly at my email address below.  But rest assured, we had a wonderful time in Israel.  We ate the best food, saw amazing things, places and people - and we learned so much.  I have even learned a few words in Arabic, Hebrew and Joza-isms! Oh, and the cats!
If I can be of any assistance to you Joza & Desert Eco Tours - just email me, I owe you so much.  We have converted pictures into slide shows, video into movies and we are showing all our friends - many of them are Israelis.  Tears everywhere!
Thank you so much for the memories and new friends. Forever Your Friend,
David H. Neisen
San Antonio, Texas

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