Jeep and hiking tours in the Galilee and the Golan- Northern Israel

Israel tours- Galilee and Golan jeep tours in the north of Israel. Jeep tours in the north of Israel, 4x4 trip to the upper Galilee, the Hula Valley, and the Golan 

Not a single voice, no sign of water, no green grass. Inhuman solitude made of sand and God.
The Desert / John C. Van Dyke- 1911

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The Hula Valley nature reserve
The Hula Valley nature reserve

The still waters of the Sea of Galilee are set against a wonderful backdrop of rolling green hills. The sea is commonly known in Israel as Lake Kineret (aka Lake Tiberias). Amongst these hills we find hidden nature trails that pass small villages, both modern and ancient. We explore walking routes along the most striking paths and get off the beaten track to uncover the hidden gems. Your guide will tell you of the history of the area, of its heroes and its victims. The hills of Galilee offer a journey through past and present that separates the truths from the myths and brings history to life. We witness rural life in Israel today and the many archeological sites en route give us a glimpse into life in the past. We watch the hazy sunsets over the serene waters as the fishermen and farmers of today ponder the same awe-inspiring views as their biblical ancestors once did. This area of Israel is particularly serene and spiritual and like in the desert, it is a place that you find yourself contemplating God.
Our trails in the Galilee take in the important sights of historic and religious interest and endeavor to go further in revealing the wonders of the true Galilee, far away from the standard tourist traps. Tours are on foot, by 4x4, or both.

Tour add-ons of Israel 
Our tour add-ons of Israel are a great and easy way to visit the more extraordinary attractions. 
Take a short glance at these popular add-ons to see how a few extra hours can make a world of difference to your tour.

2-Days Christian Galilee Tour
Day 1: We start the day in Caana, where Jesus turned water into wine. He we are introduced to Israel of 2,000 years ago, its inhabitants and its rulers. We continue onto Nazareth we take a tour of the town before visiting the famous Basilica of the Annunciation, the Greek-Orthodox St. Raphael Church and Mary's Well. We Continue to Mount Tabor which is where Jesus revealed his glory to his closest disciples and walk the scenic route to the summit where the ancient Church of the Transfiguration is situated. After descending the mountain, we travel to Tiberias, where we spend the night.
Day 2: Today we visit the sites of Jesus preaching in the Sea of Galilee area including: Capernaum the site of Peters House and the most ancient Jewish Synagogue in the area. The Mount of the Beatitudes, where the "Sermon on the Mount" was given. The beautifully restored church at Tabgha traditionally believed to be the site of the Bread and Fish miracle. We may also take a step back in time and experience how it is to sail on the Sea of Galilee (lake Kineret) in a small wooden fishing boat. In the afternoon we make a short drive to Jesus' Baptism Site on the banks of the Jordan River.
Price: Up to 2 people- $550 per day in total, per day, 4 people: $680, 5 people or more- $150 per person.
The price doesn't incl. hotel, meals, fishing boat trip and entrances fees where applicable.


Hiking tours in the Galilee
Hiking tours in the Galilee

1 Day - Jewish orientated Galilee Walking Tour
We start the day with a visit of the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the founder of the Kabbalah. After visiting this site and learning about "Rashbi" in the past and present day, we begin a 2-hour-hike in Nachal Amud. Nachal Amud has many springs, fruit orchards, rare water-plants, and water-powered wool-hammers that served the Jews who settled in Safed - center of Jewish Kabbalah. We drive to Safed and visit its many Synagogues, whilst absorbing it's deeply spiritual atmosphere and listening to the mystical stories and legends surrounding the town. Drive to the ancient Arbel Synagogue, dating back to the Talmudic Period. After a short drive through the modern Moshav Arbel, we reach the edge of the Arbel-Cliff, overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. This view here is at its best towards sunset. We make our way down the Arbel Cliff, where the rebelling Galilean Jews made their stronghold against King Herod the Great. We end our tour with views of the Daher el Omar Castle in the caves of the Arbel Cliff. Back to our vehicle and return to hotel.
Price: Up to 2 people- $550 per day in total, per day, 4 people: $680, 5 people or more- $150 per person.
Incl. jeep/ car and a guide.

7 Day – “Sea to Sea trek” of the Galilee, North Israel - Nature & Culture Hiking Tour
This is a tour for hikers who don't want to miss the many unique religious and historic highlights this area has to offer. This tour offers real whole day hikes, such as the famous “Sea to Sea” trek, combined with cultural sites such as the Montfort Castle, the holiest Druze shrine, Nabi Sabalan, or Safed, the center of Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah). All the hiking and nature doesn't necessarily mean giving up on creature comforts: We sleep in typical hotels for this area, such as Kibbutz Guestrooms, a Druze family, or Field Schools. This tour can also be combined with the “Central Israel Nature & Culture Hiking Tour” in whole or in part.
Day 1: We start at Rosh Hanikra, right by the Lebanese Border. Here we walk through some natural grottoes, carved by the sea in the white chalk rock. Then we hike through the tunnel and on the old tracks of the Haifa-Beirut railroad. We hike along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, till we reach the ruins of Achziv, an ancient Phoenician city. Here we start our traditional “Sea to Sea” trek, where we will hike all the way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee. Students and scouts use to fill here a bottle of salt water from the Mediterranean Sea, carry it with them on their hikes and then mix it with sweet water from the Sea of Galilee. We walk into Nachal (Wadi) Keziv and ascend through a dense forest up to the ancient Crusader fortress Montfort. We descend to the Wadi through a path built by the British police to track the smugglers from French Lebanon, and climb up to the Goren Park, where our car awaits us.
Day 2: From the Goren Park we continue through the valley of Keziv and to the “Hidden Spring” – Ein Tamir. After some more hiking through Nachal Keziv we ascend to Mezad Abirim, a little Crusader Fort, where the Carmel Deer were set free into nature. Here we end the day.
Day 3: Today we hike up through a dense wood to the Druze village Hurfeish, where we visit one of the holiest places for the Druze: Nabi Sabalan. Here we meet some Druze people, and learn about their unique, secret religion, and their special way of life. Then we hike down to the fertile Hiram Valley, and up the slopes of Mt. Meron, through Nachal (Wadi) Neriya. We can spend the night in the Har Meron Field School, which is right on our trail, or with a Druze family in the village Beit Jan.

Jeep tours in the north of Israel: Nahal Amud
Jeep tours in the north of Israel: Nahal Amud

Day 4: At Khirbet Hamama, where we ended yesterday's hike, we continue walking to the summit of Mt. Meron which used to be the highest mountain in Israel until the Six-Day-War. We hike around its summit on the famous “Summit Path” from which we can enjoy excellent views of the Upper Galilee region. We end the day by hiking down the mountain to visit the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai – a sacred place for Jews.
Day 5: Hidden in dense forest, we hike to the ruins of the ancient synagogue at Khirbet Shema. From here we continue walking down along Nachal Meron until we reach Ein Yakim, a spring that enriches the area with a large amount of sweet water. The huge quantities of water that flow here during all of the year, create a prosperous ecosystem with some rare trees and shrubs. We then ascend to the spiritual city of Zefat (Safed), the center of the Jewish Mysticism – Kabbalah. We spend the rest of the afternoon strolling along the narrow lanes of Safed, visiting its synagogues, taking in its special atmosphere and listening to its tales of legends, myths, and history.
Day 6: Today we end the “Sea to Sea trek”: Leaving Safed, we walk along the large cliffs of Wadi Akbara, which is also known as an important nesting-area for the vultures. We hike from Wadi Akbara and into Nachal (Wadi) Amud, which slowly becomes a Canyon that mounds in the Sea of Galilee. Once you have successfully reached the shore of the Sea of Galilee, tradition dictates that you should mix your Mediterranean Water together with the water from the Sea of Galilee. You will also get a certificate certifying that you have hiked all the way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee. We continue our tour taking in more of the Galilee's major sites.
Day 7: We start at the top of Mt. Beatitudes, where according to Christian tradition Jesus held the “Sermon on the Mount”. Walking down a road overlooking the scenery of the Sea of Galilee we reach Tabgha, where we visit the restored Church of the Bread and the Fish, dating back to the 6th century. We continue on the new promenade along the shore of the sea to Capernaum, where we visit the ruins of St. Peters House and its famous synagogue. After a drive through the Golan Heights we reach the ruins of Susita. It's perfect location overlooking the Sea and Mountains of Galilee, made this place an important city and stronghold during Roman times and a Syrian army post before the Six Day War. From Susita we walk down the steep slope of the Golan Heights and into Kibbutz Ein-Gev by the Sea of Galilee. We can swim in the lake or end the tour at a local fish restaurant.
Price: Up to 2 people- $550 per day in total, per day, 4 people: $680, 5 people or more- $150 per person.
Incl. jeep/ car and a guide.
4* hotel or Zimmers supplement: about $200-250 per night for dbl room B.B.


Hiking in the Galilee: Nahal Amud
Hiking in the Galilee: Nahal Amud

Accommodation on tours / trips: Camping outdoors, desert inns, or hotels.
The best time for touring the Negev Desert is from November through to April.

People booking tours with us can also take advantage of our very special rates on hotels and domestic flights in Israel.
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