Hiking & Trekking tours in Sinai, Egypt, Jordan, Eilat and the Negev desert

Hiking & Trekking tours in Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Trips in Sinai, Jordan, Eilat and the Negev desert

"That beam of light! Was there ever anything so beautiful! How it flashes
its color through shadow, how it gilds the tops of the mountains and gleams white on the dunes of the desert!
In any land what is there more glorious than sunlight! "

The Desert / John C. Van Dyke 1901

Eilat Jeep & Hiking Tours

  ↵ The best of Eilat, superb off road adventure: Jeep tou

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Long Tours in Jordan

Jordan tours from Israel to Petra, Wadi Rum, from Eilat.

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Long Tours of Sinai Desert

Long tours in the Sinai desert by jeep, camels & hiking. The Sinai High R

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Hiking in the Sinai's High Range
Hiking in the Sinai's High Range

These itineraries are part of a wider selection of tours. All of our tours can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

Eilat Mts. & Southern Negev Hiking and trekking Tours (2- 5 days)
Tours are adapted according to requirements.
The Eilat Mountains in the Southern Negev desert are home to some of the most spectacular views in the whole of the Negev Desert. Our hiking and trekking expeditions leads you through canyons and over mountain paths to places almost inaccessible. We crossing part of the Negev Plateau and hiking down the most picturesque mountain paths in the area. Carrying in our packs what is necessary for the day's trek we are met at camp each evening by jeeps carrying our evening provisions and camping equipment. These tours are designed and recommended for people who love walking through nature. The tour includes all meals, hotel pick-up, camping equipment and experienced guides.

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Hiking in the Mts. of Eilat- Southern Negev
Hiking in the Mts. of Eilat- Southern Negev


Sinai High Range 7 Days Hiking / Camels Tour
This Hiking tour is for experienced hikers - in good physical condition.
Hiking with backpacks through the magnificent Red Granite Mountains of Sinai's High Range is an experience of a lifetime. Explore the beautiful ancient monasteries, Bedouin gardens, orchards, oasis, waterfalls and rock pools, accessible only by foot. Enjoy the incredible panoramic views of the High Range, which span the whole of the Sinai Peninsula, to the mountains of North Africa, the Gulf of Suez, the Gulf of Aqaba and to Northern Saudi Arabia. Climbing to the summits of mountains such as Mt. Catherine, Mt. Sinai and Jabel Bab.
The hiking difficulty can be eased by using camels to carry our camping equipment and other supplies, these will meet us each evening at the days camping spot. This way we carry in our packs only what is necessary for the day's hike.
Day 1 - On the Egyptian Side of the Taba border we board a jeep and begin our journey across Sinai to the High Range area. On route we leave the road for a 4X4 journey into the sandstone area, here we visit 'The Rock of Inscriptions', the ancient cemetery of Nawamis and the Ein Hudra oasis. We return to the road and continue on to St. Catherine's Monastery in the High Range. St. Catherine's is at the foot of Mt. Sinai and when we have completed our tour of the monastery we begin our ascent by foot up Mt. Sinai for the sunset. We return to the foot of the mountain following sunset and set up camp for the evening.
Day 2- Back on track first thing to visit the Monastery of the Forty (Dir El Arba'in). We climb the 'Red Mountain' (Jabbel Ahmar) which leads us to the 'Red Valley' (Wadi Ahmar), both are of a beautiful red granite and the Red Valley has year round rock pools and shady gardens throughout. We hike these dramatic routes till evening before setting up camp.
Day 3- We walk through the beautiful orchards of Wadi J'bal before climbing Mt. Bab locally known as the 'gateway to the world' because of its unusual peak and spectacular views. Camping for the night in Wadi T'alla.
Day 4- hiking down Wadi T'alla to Galat El Azrak 'The Blue Pool' here we enjoy a refreshing dip before heading to Shag Abu Twaita and up to Wadi Abu Twaita where we spend the night.
Day 5- Exploring the canyon of Wadi M'saker The closed Canyon, famous for a huge boulder suspended over the top of the canyon. We climb Jabel Na'aga famous for its shiny red granite rock and its exceptional views over the Tee desert and the eastern sandstones of Sinai. Down to Wadi Tinya for the night.
Day 6-Visiting Wadi Shag and Wadi Zawatim (Valley of Olives), stopping at the Bedouin gardens and rock pools we pass on the way. Onto the canyon of Wadi Tal'a and the monastery at the mouth of the Tal'a valley. Here we settle for our final night in the spectacular mountains.
Day 7- We make our way back to the village of St. Catherine and en-route to Eilat visit the superb beaches of Sinai's eastern coastline. Crossing the Taba border back into Eilat.

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Trekking in Jordan: Dead Sea canyons
Trekking in Jordan: Dead Sea canyons


Jordan 4 Days Hiking Tour with Canyoning
Focused in the Canyons of the Dead Sea and Moav Mountains.
Difficulty level - from mildly difficult, to very difficult for experienced hikers only.
For people who truly love to hike through nature, there can be little that matches the appeal of a trek that combines breathtaking mountain peaks with deep canyons and gorges. Centered in the Northern Edom and Moav Mountains, we hike each day through one of the magnificent canyons that are unique to this area. Beginning in the mountains we descend through the canyons and are met in the evening by a car or jeep carrying our evening provisions and camping equipment (this keeps backpacks light, allowing us greater freedom and comfort). The same transport returns us up to the mountains and our start point for the next day's hike. Many of the hikes pass through canyons of running water, where short swims are sometimes essential in order to pass.
Favorite hiking routes include:
Petra and Wadi Mussa, explore the wondrous Petra before setting off on a hiking trek no less astonishing. Wadi Mussa (meaning 'Valley of Moses'), begins high up in the Edom Mountains at Petra, and ends in the sands of the Arava Valley. A full-days hike takes us through this famous Wadi, rich in picturesque waterfalls, Bedouin Gardens (where fruit and herbs are grown) and ancient Nabatean ruins.
Wadi Eben Hamad is the most colorful and scenic canyon in the area, a warm spring runs its entire length before reaching the Dead Sea. Warm rock pools are found throughout the whole canyon, covered in trees and vegetation it is almost sub-tropic. Most surprising of all, in the midst of all this, is a real man-made Turkish bath, surreal in its location, it is surrounded and sheltered by trees. We bathe here in the warm water of what must be one of the area's best kept secrets.
Wadi Arnon and Wadi Hidan are the largest and most impressive of all the canyons. Their vertical walls tower 500 meters from the base and the streams, which run their length, reach up to 15 meters high after rain. Due to this no vegetation can grow in the canyons. Particularly outstanding are their Travertine's (similar to stalagmites) and the palm trees that in places grow horizontally across the top of the canyon completely obscuring the sky. This gives the impression of actually walking through a massive cave.
Wadi Hassa, imposing vertical walls tower over the hot springs and waterfalls running at its base, an 18km walk takes us right through this lush green canyon.


Hiking in Wadi Rum- Jordan
Hiking in Wadi Rum- Jordan


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