Tours in Jerusalem- Jewish Jerusalem tour, 1 & 2 day Jerusalem tours: the Western
Wall, Mount Zion at King David's tomb, Zion's gate, Ein Karem, Yad Vashem

’It is here, I reflected, that the soul of a proud or despairing man finds the ultimate happiness.’ 
Report to Greco, Nikos Kazantzakis

Jerusalem Sightseeing Tour

Sightseeing Tours of Jerusalem: The Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Moslem qu

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All Israel Jeep Tours

Jeep tours in Israel: Eilat Mts. the Negev desert, Judean desert, Galilee and

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Jewish Tour of Israel

Tours trips of Israel, Jewish Tour of Israel- 7 days

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The Jewish 
quarter: The old city 

1 and 2 day: Christian Jerusalem Tours

The Judean desert from Jerusalem

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Our Jerusalem tours are not just for the first time visitor; we take previous visitors off the beaten tourist track into the lesser-toured areas of Jerusalem to reveal the hidden treasures of this enchanting city. Our Jerusalem tours include the countryside surrounding Jerusalem which is very scenic and rich in historic sites. Whether it be 4x4 or hiking, there's always something new to discover in Jerusalem, so if you have the will, we'll show you the way…

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The old city, Jerusalem


Jewish Jerusalem – One day sightseeing tour of Jerusalem
Our Judaism based Jerusalem tour is a day trip in the old city; exploring Jerusalem as the spiritual home of Jews throughout the ages.
Beginning on Mount Zion at King David's tomb. We tour the ancient synagogue before making our way to the old city walls. We enter Jerusalem at Zion's gate and tour the Armenian quarter where walk to the nearby Jewish quarter. Here we first visit Jerusalem's famous ‘Burnt House', the remains of a home that dates back to the great rebellion against Rome. The ruins contain many household artifacts and include chillingly, the remains of a woman's arm beside a Roman spear.
We reach the Western Wall (Kotel) where we take time to pray before beginning our tour of the Western Wall tunnels; the ongoing archeological excavations give us a remarkable insight into the Kotel and the nearby Temple Mount. We tour the Western Wall tunnels for approx one hour, then continue our Jerusalem tour over the Temple Mount where we see Jerusalem's famous landmark the Dome Of the Rock. We stroll through both the Moslem and Christian quarters passing the Lion's gate, the pools of Bethesda, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Our tour through Jerusalem's old city takes us to The Citadel of Jerusalem – King David's tower, located right beside the Jaffa Gate. Within the Citadel is a museum, we tour the citadel before continuing our tour back through Zion's gate. We end our tour of Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives and take in the sunset over the city. Here we complete our tour and return to hotel.

The Western Wall: The old City, Jerusalem


Jewish Jerusalem - Two Day Jerusalem tour ‘The Old City' and ‘Israel Independence'
The first day we dedicate to the Old City of Jerusalem and the historic essence of Israel as the Jewish homeland. Beginning on the Mount Zion and the Tomb of David we visit the Western Wall (Kotel) and tour the remarkable Western Wall tunnels. We visit The Dome of the Rock on The Temple mount, the fascinating remains of the ‘Burnt House', The Tower of David; Jerusalem's Citadel. We walk through all Four Quarters of Jerusalem and take in all of Jerusalem and Judaism's most famous sites. Over-night at hotel with an optional night tour available.
Day two – Today we take an in-depth tour of the more recent events that lead to the rebirth of Israel as an independent state. We pay homage to the victims and heroes whose tragic fates lead to the creation a Jewish homeland. We begin today's tour on Ammunition Hill, Israel's memorial to the Six-Day war and the re-unification of Jerusalem. We see the bunkers and fortifications constructed by the Jordanian forces positioned here and learn of the critical role this site played in shaping the history of Israel. We continue our Jerusalem tour to ‘The Castel' a Roman fortification for protecting the route into Jerusalem, it is a strategically important site that was taken in 1948 by the forces of the Palmach (Jewish underground movement). We take a scenic route from here down through Ein Karem where we visit the Chagall windows. From here we continue on to one of Israel's most renowned sites, the Yad VaShem memorial; Israel's haunting holocaust memorial. Beside Yad Va Shem is Mount Herzl, here we visit the resting place of Herzl and many of Israel's leaders. From here our tour leads back into Jerusalem city center, we take a short tour of the city passing the Knesset and Israel Museum and completion of our tour of Jerusalem.

The old city, Jerusalem

The area surrounding Jerusalem boasts some of the most fantastic scenery and stunning Christian sights and desert scenery in all Israel. From Bethlehem to Jericho, the fabulous ancient monasteries of the Judean desert and the mesmerizing shores of the Dead Sea. Our tours of one and two days cover the most splendid tour routes in the area. They cover the most renowned sites and the smaller, less visited treasures that few tourists get to see.


Israel Nature Culture Jeep Tour

 7 Day Israel- Nature & Culture, 4x4 Jeep Tour   

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Tours to Petra and Wadi Rum

One & two days Petra and Wadi Rum tours from Eilat. Jordan tour

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Create Your Own Tour

  Israel, Egypt and Jordan, design your own tour of 3 countries

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