Nile cruise in Egypt: Luxor, Aswan, Cairo and Abu Simbel, 7 days tour

Nile cruise tour to classical Egypt: Luxor and Aswan incl Cairo and Abu Simbel

Not a single voice, no sign of water, no green grass. Inhuman solitude made of sand and God.
The Desert / John C. Van Dyke- 1911


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Tours in Egypt: Nile cruise
Tours in Egypt: Nile cruise


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7  day tour of classical Egypt combining a Nile cruise
Cairo, Pyramids, Luxor, Aswan + Nile Cruise Participants in this tour may arrive directly at Cairo international airport or from Israel or Jordan by flight from Tel Aviv or overland from Eilat, Petra or Aqaba via Sinai. We arrange all transportation and travel logistics.

Day 1- Arriving overland from Eilat and beginning our Egypt tour in classic style we explore the very symbols of Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza and the famous Sphinx. Here we begin our adventure into the heart of Egypt, it's wondrous views and attractions and uncover its mysterious past. In the eve We take some leisure time and experience the many sights and sounds of the Khan el Khalili bizarre of Han El Halili or  an optional visit of sound and light show of the pyramids, night in a 5* hotel or night train to Luxor.
Day 2- We begin today on morning flight from Cairo to Luxor (Aswan if doing the itinerary in reverse order) from the airport we go directly to our Nile cruise boat (Faluccas are available upon request). Today we first visit Luxor (Thebes) capital of ancient Egypt , here we find the spectacular temple complex dedicated to the God triad - Amun, Mut and Chons. We see the remains of the avenue of sphinx's which originally connect the temple of Luxor to the temple of Karnak and we don't leave Luxor without fist visiting the ruins of Karnak. Here the temple complex is overwhelmingly huge in all dimensions. It's the second most popular site in Egypt after the pyramids of Giza. The utter vastness and its enormous structures, make it unique in the ancient world. We explore the Precinct of Amon-Re, by far the largest of all Egypt's temple halls. In the evening we can visit colorful market of Luxor.
Day 3- On the opposite banks of the Nile we visit the Valley of the Kings where Egypt's Pharaohs and royalty were entombed, we explore at least one of the major tombs that are open to the public (various tombs are opened at the discretion of the authorities, depending on ongoing excavations) We also visit the Valley of the Queens where the pharaoh's wives and close relations were entombed in decorative burial chambers. We will combine sailing a Faluka. Night on the boat.
Day 4- Sailing on to Edfu - horse drawn carriages take us to the magnificent Temple of Horus (the Falcon God). This temple is one of the most significant historical sites in all Egypt. The site remains in excellent condition and the finds here give a fascinating insight into the lives, culture and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians Day 7- A relaxing cruise takes us to Kom Umbo where we stop to visit the temple. The temple here is dedicated to the crocodiles of the Nile whom the early Egyptians believed brought the water of the Nile. There is a mummified crocodile and an ancient measure for measuring the water level. We continue along the Nile to Upper Egypt and Aswan.


Nile cruise: visit to Abu Simbel\
Nile cruise: visit to Abu Simbel

Day 5- Aswan offers a host of attractions and we take is as many as time will allow including the Island of Elephantine (ancient fortress and center for ivory trade) and the Island Philae (and its temple complex), the famous ‘Unfinished Obelisk' and the high damn. By motor boat to the islands in the Nile. Another night on the boat.
Day 6- a day tour to Abu Simbel temple that will be combine with a flight to Cairo, another night there.
Abu Simbel - The Temples of Ramses and Nefertari are a short flight south (bus optional) of Aswan in Abu Simbel, perhaps the most prominent of Egypt's Shrines they are unique in both their location and their architecture. Another option, after the day tour- Night train from Aswan to Cairo
Day 7- We begin today exploring the treasures of the world-renowned Egyptian museum. Here we can see many of the priceless treasures retrieved from the Pharaohs tombs, including the treasures of Tutankhamun. This is a day which encompasses the stark contrasts of Cairo life, we venture into the old city and explore it's many sights of cultural interest including the Coptic churches and the Mohamed Ali mosque.  Driving back to Eilat.
Accommodation is in 4* or * hotels and Nile cruise 5*.
The tour includes private guide, private transportation (incl. Transfers, cruise, flights – where applicable) all meals on the cruise and 2 meals a day in Cairo and Abu Simbel, entrance fees to all sites.
Not including personal expenses, drinks, tips, visa and border taxes.

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