Aida or MSC cruise ship, Petra and Wadi Rum excursions from Aqaba port, Jordan.

 Cruise ship to Petra and Wadi Rum excursions from Aqaba port in Jordan.
Tours to Petra from the Aida cruise liner. Petra tour from Aqaba port,
Wadi Rum trip from Aqaba port.

The desert has gone a-begging for a word of praise these many years.
 It never had a sacred poet; it has in me only a lover.

The Desert / John C. Van Dyke- 1911


Wadi Rum Day Tour

day tour options to Wadi Rum- Jordan, jeep tours, Camel tours and hiking/ c

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Private Petra day Tour Options

Private Petra day tour options from Eilat or Israel. Incl the Monastery and W

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Diving in Aqaba Jordan

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Tours to Petra: The Treasury
Tours to Petra: The Treasury


For the guests of the Aida and MSC cruise liner we offer a special selection of tours that are tailored to suit the sailing times of the Aida ship from its arrival in Aqaba port Jordan to departure. Our tour staff will meet you the moment you disembark the Aida ship at the Aqaba port. Amongst our most popular excursions for Aida cruise liner guests in Jordan are Petra and Wadi Rum. Tours get off to an early start and the Desert Eco Tours' team is at hand to make sure you get the very best of your shore time in Jordan. As one of the leading tour operators in the region, booking directly with us not only ensures you the best possible tour experience with a highly reputable company, it also guarantees that you will be part of a smaller group than that offered by the Aida ship and cover more ground on the tour itself. By booking directly with us you avoid the handling charges and agents' commission normally added to the tour price.


Wadi Rum jeep tour from Aqaba port Aida ship
Wadi Rum jeep tour from Aqaba 

Jordan - Petra One Day Tour from Aqaba port (Aida and MSC ship)
Petra day trip from the Aida ship in Aqaba port- Jordan:
Aida guests are invited to join one of renowned Petra excursions from the Aqaba port in Jordan. Petra tours are extremely popular with Aida guests and these tours are tailored to suit the arrival and departure of the Aida ship in Jordan.
Our Petra tour begins early morning with a 7:30 pickup from your boat, departing Aqaba port. A 2 hour drive takes us from Aqaba to Petra, during the drive you are briefed by a specialist guide about the history and culture of Jordan. At the entrance to Petra horses are available (no fee) for the 10 min walk to the Siq Canyon. The imposing and beautiful Siq is in itself one of the main attractions in Petra. The walk through the Siq takes about 1/2 hour before that breathtaking and monumental moment of first stepping foot in Petra is upon you. One of the wonders of the world, Petra is an archeological, anthropological and geological phenomenon. Your guide will share with you the legends, truths and myths of this astonishing city. The walk through Petra is made easy by the endless sights and fascinating facts. All of which bring to life a history as colorful as the sandstone rock from which it was carved. Having explored the highlights of Petra, we stop at a restaurant within Petra to enjoy a hearty buffet lunch. Following lunch we begin the walk back to our vehicle - for this final walk participants may choose to hire the services of the local donkey, camel and carriage drivers. We rejoin our vehicle for the return journey to Aqaba port and arrive by evening to the Aida ship.
The tour includes the Silica Quarries, Jinn Blocks, the Obelisk Tomb, the Siq Canyon, the Treasury (Khazneh), the Street of Facades and the Royal Tombs. Lunch is taken at a good local restaurant outside Petra.
Petra group Tour excursion - $198, child under 12 $138, under 15 years old-$178.

Tour to Petra Includes: Transport from the Aida in Aqaba port, Mineral water and snacks. Transportation in modern A/C bus, specialist guide. Short Tour of Aqaba. Entrance fees + Horse-ride and Lunch in Petra.
Tour to Petra - not included: tips min. $6 p.p.

Private excursion rates:
Cost: 2 people $630 in total. 3 people $295 each. 4 people $265 each. 5 or more $255 each.
On the private tour you can visit more places than the group tour, This tour can continues on from the Royal Tombs to the Byzantine Church and then to the Temple of the Winged Lions.


Petra jeep tour from Aqaba port Aida ship
Petra jeep tour from Aqaba port 

Jordan - Wadi Rum One Day Tour from Aqaba port (Aida and MSC ship)
This day covers the highlights of Wadi Rum. Starting from Aqaba port in the morning, having arrived at the village of Rum inside the nature reserve, we board 4X4 jeeps, driven by professional Bedouin drivers and journey to the sandstone area of Wadi Rum. Here we go off-road into its unique landscape and get right off the beaten track to explore rarely traveled ancient merchant routes. The enchanting Wadi Rum is an area almost surreal in its distinctive beauty. We cross red sand dunes and explore the beautifully eroded pillars of sandstone rock. It was this area of Wadi Rum that so inspired T E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). Wadi Rums beauty remains intact and its breathtaking scenery is still an inspiration for those who travel there. Lunch is enjoyed en route in the great outdoors. The tour includes the Seven Pillars, Khaz Ali canyon and Jabel Um Asharim, Wadi Bara, Jabel Burda and more. Returning by evening to Aqaba port and to Aida and MSC cruise ship.
Cost: 2 people $470 in total. 3 people $190 each. 4 people $170 each. 5 or more $160 each.
Group tour price: 150$ p.p.