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"That is the land of genesis as it was in the beginning,
almost without form and void, almost darkness on the face of the deep."

Amos Keinan - Israel (1982)


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Tours in the Eilat Mts.- Southern Negev deesert
Tours in the Eilat Mts.- Southern Negev desert

These itineraries are part of a wider selection of tours. All of our tours can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

Eilat Mountains 2 Days jeep tour
Day 1- Setting off from Eilat at 09:00, we journey off road into the sandy Arava Valley passing salt pools that are home to a flock of Flamingos. From here we head west and begin our ascent to the Negev Plateau on a dramatic 4X4 route. Driving through the beautiful Wadi Eteq and exploring by foot the Eteq Canyon, a favorite spot for local wildlife and home to many species of desert plants. From here we continue our journey onto the Negev Plateau where we enjoy a picnic lunch before continuing on to 'Shacharut', a small village perched on the cliffs of the Arava Valley. Here we mount our camels for a walk/ride along one of the most scenic camel routes in the Negev Desert. We stroll at a leisurely pace for one or two hours, taking in the breathtaking panoramic views and witnessing the most magical hour of desert life as the sunset sends a blaze of colour across the desert sky. Returning at dusk to Shacharut and its 'khan' - a place of rest for desert travelers (a huge Bedouin tent with carpets and mattresses laid over the floor). Here we have our evening meal and provided with mattresses and sleeping bags we settle for the night inside the khan.
Day 2 - Following breakfast in the khan we get back into the 4X4 and head for the Kasui valley and its sand dunes before visiting the crystal rocks of the Gypsum Valley. Onto The Red Canyon where with the help of the ropes and ladders fitted into the canyons walls we spend an hour exploring the canyon and its surrounding valley. Back into the Jeep and onto Mt. Yoash whose views span Sinai, Jordan and over the bay to Saudi Arabia. From here we return by road to Eilat, just a 5 min drive away.

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Tours in the Negev desert: The Small Crater
Tours in the Negev desert: The Small Crater

Negev 7 Day Jeep Tour (with Hiking & Camel Trek)
Day 1 Setting off from Eilat by jeep we journey off-road into the Arava Valley. From here we begin our accent to the Negev Plateau on a dramatic 4X4 route which takes us to the striking Wadi Eteq. Here we stop for a picnic lunch and a walk through the Eteq Canyon which, because of its permanent rock pools is a favorite spot for local wildlife. Further on we reach Mt. Berech and its spectacular views over the Timna Valley. We continue our journey to the top of the Plateau and onto Shacharut, a small village perched on the edge of the Arava Valley. We have our evening meal and settle for the night in the 'khan' a huge Bedouin tent furnished with mattresses and carpets.
Day 2 Upon awakening we gather near the cliffs to admire the stunning panoramic views which span the Arava Valley and the Adom Mountains of Jordan. We return to the khan for breakfast and having prepared ourselves we meet up with our camels for a day exploring the valleys, peaks and ancient sites of the area. We enjoy a traditional shepherd's lunch along the way including pita-bread prepared on a campfire. Completing the tour we return by dusk to the khan.
Day 3- Departing early morning and heading north to the beautiful Ashush Valley. Here we enjoy an impressive 4X4 ride and witness the interesting geological sights including the layers of limestone and flint that make up the valley walls. Continuing off-road through to Mo'ah where we join the 'Spice Route'. Along the spice-route we enjoy the same breathtaking views as the ancient merchants whose caravans passed here thousands of years earlier. We stop at some of the archeological sites and ruins found along the route before arriving at the Ramon Crater. In the beautiful Wadi Nekarot we enjoy our evening meal and settle for the night.
Day 4- We explore the Negev's' geological wonder 'The Ramon Crater'. From the bottom of the crater we ascend the craters walls by way of 'Noah's ascent. Having reached the top of the craters cliffs we drive along their edge till Mitzpe Ramon. From here we head west to the Eilot Valley near the Sinai border. In this valley we see Atlantic Pistachio trees dating back 2000 years and enjoy another incredible ride through the stunning nature of the area before returning to Shaharut by evening.
Day 5-We explore Wadi Ovdat and its spring Ein Ovdat. This route takes us into Wadi Zin (the largest in Israel) and on to the interesting geological formation of the 'Little Crater'.
Day 6- We head straight to the area of the Dead sea, visiting the salt pillars of Mt. Sedom and other interesting salty sights, the 'Flour Cave' found in the Prazim canyon and onto the ancient fortress of Masada a dip in the dead sea and a beautifying visit to the spa are also possibilities.
Day 7- Morning finds us in the Ein Gedi area visiting Wadi Arugot famous for its popularity with wildlife and its water springs. During the afternoon we visit the Qumran caves (Dead Sea Scrolls found here) and onto Jerusalem by evening.
This tour can also begin in Jerusalem and end in Eilat depending on the overall tour plan. Accommodation - under the stars, in organized accommodation, hotel or a combination of each. Breakfast and lunch are picnic style and dinner is a hot meal.

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Jeep tours of the Sinai desert
Jeep tours of the Sinai desert

6 Day Jeep Tour In The Sinai Desert Including Mt. Sinai
Day 1- boarding our jeeps we begin our tour to the heart of the picturesque Sinai desert. In the Sandstone area we leave the road for a breathtaking 4X4 jeep adventure through the beautiful wilderness, driving along Wadi Watir the biggest Wadi in eastern Sinai and visiting amongst other places the Ein Fortaga oasis and the Ein Um Ahmed oasis. We spend the night in the soft sands at the foot of the 'mid' Mt. Baraka.
Day 2- Climbing in the morning Mt. Baraka, we return to explore by hiking (for 2 hours) the Ein Um Ahmed oasis where a spring flows through a canyon giving life to trees and plants. Back into the Jeep for a 4X4 adventure through the Wadi of Gazelles seeing its sands and colorful sandstone rocks. We continue by jeep onto the valley near the Ein Hudra oasis, here we spend the night enjoying Bedouin hospitality of the Sinai desert.
Day 3 - Following breakfast we visit the ancient and sacred monastery of St. Catherine. This place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years is still cared for today in the same ancient tradition by the resident Greek Orthodox Monks. St. Catherine's Monastery is situated at the foot of Mount Sinai (where Moses received the Ten Commandments) in the 'High Range Area' of Sinai. Having left St. Catherine's monastery we begin the two hours hiking that takes us to the holy summit of Mt. Sinai. Once upon the summit we stay to enjoy the incredible views across this truly enchanting land. We return to the foot of the mountain following sunset and set up camp for the night.
Day 4- Back on the hiking track first thing to visit the Monastery of the Forty (Dir El Arba'in). We climb the 'Red Mountain' (Jabbel Ahmar) which leads us to the 'Red Valley' (Wadi Ahmar), both are of a beautiful red granite and the Red Valley has year round rock pools and shady gardens throughout. We hike these dramatic routes till evening before setting up camp.
Day 5- We explore Wadi Shag and Wadi Zawatin (Valley of Olives), enjoying the Bedouin gardens and rock pools on the way. We pass through the canyon of Wadi Tal'a and visit the monastery at the mouth of the Tal'a valley. From the monastery we head back to the village of St. Catherine and spend the night at a quality hotel.
Day 6- Back into the 4X4 jeeps and onto the more remote beaches of eastern Sinai. The unspoiled reefs and sands of Ras Abu Galum and its crystal waters make it one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the whole of the Sinai, whose reefs and beaches are renowned worldwide in the realms of scuba divers. We swim and snorkel in these waters and enjoy the splendid beach before heading north along the coastline till the village of Nuweiba. Back onto the asphalt and a short ride to the Taba border back to Eilat by evening.


Jeep tours in Jordan: Wadi Rum
Jeep tours in Jordan: Wadi Rum

Jordan 4 Day Jeep Tour including Petra And Wadi Rum
Day 1- Departing early morning we head straight to Jordan's treasure - Petra. A city so steeped in myths it remains legendary to this day. We tour by foot this remarkable and fascinating city, visiting the sights of particular beauty and interest and learning a little about its creators and occupants. Returning to our jeeps we begin our journey on the spectacular routes which wind their way down through the Edom Mountains to the Arava Valley. Setting up camp en-route for well-earned evening of relaxation under the desert skies.
Day 2- Driving to the north of the Arava Valley we reach the dramatic canyons and gorges of the Dead Sea area. Wadi Arnon and Iben Hamad are the most impressive of these canyons. Staggeringly deep and flowing year-round with hot spring water with rock pools scattered throughout their length. We take a four-hour walk into one of these stunning canyons on narrow tracks at times walking in the river itself. Having dried off, it's back into the jeep and on to the enormous sand dunes just south of the Dead Sea. Here in the soft red sand we spend a magical Arabian night.
Day 3 - Driving through the red sand dunes we reach the breathtaking canyons of the Northern Arava Valley (including Wadi Ahmer and Wadi Nachla). Walking into some and driving into others, canyons of red granite rock and soft sandstone found side by side in a delightful contrast. From here we follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and make our way to the famous Wadi Ram. Here we set up camp just in time for the spectacular sunset and enjoy a serene desert evening around the campfire, on which dinner is cooked, before settling for the night under the star spangled sky
Day 4- The last day of the tour is spent in the beautiful and vast Wadi Rum, here we find red sand dunes and natural pillars of sandstone rock that were sculptured by millions of years of gentle erosion. This enchanting and mystical region won the heart of T E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and we fins here the Seven Pillars named after his book the 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom'. Wadi Rum's unique and awesome qualities still mesmerize the travelers who venture there. Having explored this beautiful area we head south to join the main road and at the Arava border crossing arrive back in Eilat.
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