1 or 2 days Jeep tour from Cairo to Wadi El Rayan, Fayum Lake 
and Wadi El Hitan- The whales valley

The desert is not dying it is merely waiting with infinite patience.
Avraham Shaked


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The Western Desert of Egypt
The Western Desert of Egypt


Cairo is situated on the edge of the Sahara desert and on a day tour from Cairo you can witness the dramatic and enchanting Sahara scenery. This fascinating tour takes us off-road into the unique landscapes of the Western Desert. It includes the geological phenomenon of the ‘Whales Valley', where ancient whale skeletons are found in the desert sands. We drive through striking desert scenery to the stunning oasis of Al Fayoum. Here we visit the lake which is surrounded in the north by desert sands and, in the south, by a thriving agricultural community.

Visitors can take in the highlights of this dramatic area on a single day tour from Cairo. For clients requiring a more complete outdoor Sahara adventure, we provide the 2 day tour option.  We spend the night camping under the dazzling Sahara night skies, explore the depths of the Western Desert's natural beauty and traverse dramatic off-road routes.


Baharain Lake near Siwa: Western Desert
Baharain Lake near Siwa: Western Desert

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