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"A true journey, no matter how long the travel takes, has no end."
William Least Heat Moon 1982

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Desert tours in the Eilat Mts.- Southern Negev
Desert tours in the Eilat Mts.- Southern Negev


You can add a day to:
Mt. Sinai for sunrise and St. Catherine Monastery
From Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Eilat via Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea
From Eilat to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv via Mitzpe Ramon and Zin Valley 
A day tour to 
Petra from Eilat

Desert jeep tour combined with camels and Red Sea snorkeling 
View, how beautiful the mountains of Eilat can be
Photo Gallery of the Eilat Mts. jeep tour

Eilat Hotels - personal booking and reservation
The map of the Eilat Mountains
Flamingo in the arava valley- Eilat jeep tours
Flamingo in the Arava Valley

Desert Eco Tours- List of tours from Eilat

Eilat area tours:
4 hours jeep tours: morning, afternoon and night tours, to the Eilat Mts.
Jeep tour to the Red Canyon
Jeep tour to the Timna Valley (park).
Jeep tour to the Hai Bar nature reserve
1 and 2 days jeep tours
Hiking in the Eilat Mts. for 1 day or more

Desert jeep tour combined with camels and Red Sea snorkeling 

Tours from Eilat to Jerusalem:
1 or 2 days
tour to Jerusalem

Other desert tours from Eilat in Israel:
Tours from Eilat to
Masada and the Dead Sea
Tour from Eilat to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea
Tour to the
Ramon Crater from Eilat


Eilat hotels and the Red Sea
Eilat hotels and the Red Sea


Excursions from Eilat to Jordan:
Day tour to
Petra from Eilat
2 days tour to Petra and Wadi Rum from Eilat
Other options of
tours to Jordan

Trips from Eilat to the Sinai desert:
1 day tour to
Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine Monastery
Jeep and camel tour in the Sinai
2 days tour to the
Other option of tours in the Sinai

Tours to Cairo and Egypt from Eilat:
1 day tour to Cairo from Eilat
2 days tour from Cairo to Eilat
Other tour options to Egypt from Eilat


Spring in the Southern Negev desert- Eilat Mts.
Spring in the Southern Negev desert


Desert Eco Tours is based in Eilat and operates regular daily tours in the Eilat Mountains and southern Negev incl. the Red Canyon, Timna park, Hai bar reserve. Eilat desert tours include jeep trips, scenic hiking treks and camel tours along ancient merchant routes. Visitors to Eilat can make the most of our extensive tour services, not just throughout Israel but on our very popular daily tours to Petra and scheduled trips to Cairo, St Catherine’s and the Pyramids.
Eilat’s natural attractions by land;
Eilat is the southern most part of the Negev Desert and is surrounded by the picturesque ’Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve’, the largest nature reserve in Israel. This spectacular area on the Syrio-African rift is one of few places where granite, sandstone and limestone mountains are found side by side. Law protects all wildlife in the area so there is an abundance of desert animals to be seen. The Eilat Mountains offer a wealth of sites and attractions. Its superb views span Egyptian Sinai, the Red Sea Gulf of Aqaba, the Edom Mountains of Jordan and the northern ports of Saudi Arabia. Popular sites with visitors include The Red Canyon, The Hai Bar biblical safari park, The Timna Valley and many other sites of natural beauty.  Desert Eco Tours will take you well of the beaten track and reveal the lesser visited areas of natural beauty.

Our one day tours to Petra run daily from Eilat and our excellent reputation means that more people choose to visit Petra with Desert Eco Tours than with any other tour operator.

One and two days trips to Cairo from Eilat and Israel are increasingly popular. Egypt is a developing country and tourists visiting Egypt need to be in competent hands to enjoy their visit. The Desert Eco Tours staff have been operating tours in Egypt for decades. Desert Eco Tours clients benefit from this experience and provided the highest quality tour and travel services throughout, at very competitive rates. 

Jeep & hiking tours in the Eilat Mts.
Jeep & hiking tours in the Eilat Mts.


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