General Info of the Desert Tours


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In recent years more and more clients are eager to take in the highlights of all  our tour areas in a single visit  Israel - Jordan - Egypt  We design comprehensive tour itineraries that best utilize time, interests, travel logistics and budget. We provide these travel and tour services for reputable international travel agents.


Where do the tours begin?

All the tours featured on this site begin and end in Eilat because of it’s convenient location. However the tours departure point depends a lot on the planned tour route and the clients overall travel plans. Accordingly Sinai tours can also depart from Sinai resorts. Jordan tours can be based entirely in Jordan and Israel tours can begin in anywhere in Israel and end in Cairo via Petra and Mt Sinai. We also book domestic flights and hotel accommodation for our clients.


Flamingos in the Eilat Mts.

How to get there?

During the regions main tourist season, which begins in early September and ends late May, flights arrive daily in Israel and Sinai from most western countries. We provide transportation from Tel Aviv, Amman and Cairo when required. Scheduled flights are available year round to Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

When to travel?

The recommended time of year for desert touring is generally during the tourist season due to the pleasant weather. This begins in September through to May. 4x4 tours are a comfortable option for touring in the summer as is hiking in the High Range of Sinai because the higher altitude gives the region a pleasant summer temperature. The North of Israel enjoys a more moderate summer than the rest of the country and is a popular touring destination throughout the year.


Summer is very hot, but winter is very pleasant although it can get pretty cold, particularly at night and in elevated or exposed areas.

How physically difficult are the tours?

Tours range from easy to very difficult. Easy being comparable to a leisurely stroll and very difficult means hiking 10 hours a day, up and down mountain passes and carrying a 15kg backpack. It all depends entirely on you. You can consult with us before the tour if in doubt, but don’t worry our guides are used to adapting tours to suit the participants' pace. 

Groups size

Most of our tour groups are relatively small and in fact all tours have a limited number of places in order to preserve the quality of the tour.


Guides and languages

All our tour guides are experienced and very well regarded in the guiding world.  Our main guiding language is English but we can operate tours in many other languages according to the group’s requirements and guide availability.

Tours in the Negev desert


Our desert tours give you the opportunity to enjoy camping under the desert skies and each evening we set up camp in a different place. Sleeping bags are provided and small tents upon request. Shower and bathroom facilities are not always available, but you may take the opportunity to refresh at any of the wells and oasis that we visit along the way. Some groups particularly enjoy staying in Bedouin camps and on our longer tours we usually do this at least once. Hotel accommodation is arranged upon request prior to booking.

Food and Drink

All meals are provided (3 per day) unless it is written differently on the tour’s description. The meals are practical for desert tours, breakfast and lunch are picnic style and our evening meal is a large and hearty hot meal prepared on the campfire (or gas stove). Desert tea breaks are frequent and refreshing. Our drinking water is either bottled or fresh spring water from local oasis and wells, you have many opportunities to buy additional bottled mineral water if you prefer. If you or any members of your party have special dietary requirements please advise us upon booking.

What to bring  

Although we provide sleeping bags and upon request small tents, many choose to bring their own camping equipment, in particular sleeping bags. You need to bring; a small backpack to carry personal belongings throughout the day, comfortable shoes and clothing, warm clothing for the evenings, a hat, swim suit, sunglasses, a towel, toiletries - including soap and paper (+matches), sunscreen, lip balm, camera films, medication (if required), a flash light and beach shoes (where applicable). Desert Eco Tours is not liable for loss or damage of personal items or equipment.


Clothes should be both comfortable and practical, shoes particularly so. For our Northern Israel tours modest dress is required at all the sacred sights, which means that you should be covered to below knees and elbows. This also applies to Saint Catherine’s monastery in Sinai and in isolated regions of the desert (away from beaches and tourist towns)modest dress is courteous when in the company of local Bedouins. Long  cotton clothing protects you from the suns rays, it’s comfortable and always appropriate. Ladies will find a light shawl handy for covering up a little - should the need arise.

Hot Air Balloon in Wadi Rum - Jordan


Visa Information

There is no need for an Egyptian visa for our tours to Sinai, which depart from Eilat (if there is an exception you shall be informed by us in advance). If you arrive to Sinai from Egypt or fly directly, you must obtain a visa from an Egyptian Embassy before departing. Tours to Cairo & Egypt must have a full Egyptian visa. Travelers to Jordan from Eilat who hold a European or American passport will be issued a visa upon entry (others should check with us about pre-arranging their visa before arriving). Note that visa fees and border taxes are not included in our tour prices. The Jordanian border tax costs 35$ P.P. and the Egyptian border tax $48. You must ensure that your passport is valid for at least four months from the date of departure. Be sure to have re-entry permission upon leaving Israel. Do not attempt to cross these borders with any kind of drug, weapon, ammunition or pornography.


Tipping in Jordan and Egypt is customary if not mandatory. We recommend in Jordan a total tip of $6 per person per day and in Sinai $4 per person per day, to be shared by the local driver, guide and escort where relevant. Tipping in Israel and to Israeli personnel is at your own discretion.

Age restrictions

There are no age restrictions on tours. We trust your judgment regarding your own capabilities and we do our best to provide an appropriate tour according to them.

First Aid facilities

All guides carry well equipped first aid kits and can assist with minor injuries. In the event of serious illness or injury the participant will be transferred for treatment to the Yoseftal hospital in Eilat.

Desert Jeep tours in Wadi Rum- Jordan


Health restrictions 

Clients suffering from any health condition that may possibly effect them during the tour, must consult their doctor before booking. Bear in mind that immediate professional help is not always available. Anybody needing a doctor or hospitalization during the tour will be transferred to the hospital in Eilat, this includes clients taking ill in Sinai and Jordan.

When to book?

It is best to book as early as possible in order to secure dates especially during holidays. To preserve the quality of our tours, we rarely operate more than 3 desert tours simultaneously and tour places are limited.

Tour Payment

A 25% deposit is required upon booking, the rest to be paid upon arrival. Cancelation of less than 48 hours before the tour will require full payment of the tour. Tour deposits can be made by credit card. The final payment on location may be made by Visa or in cash. All credit card payments have an additional charge of 2%.


Cancelation fees are according to the tour booked. We send a booking form by email or fax and the specific cancelation terms are clearly stated.


Our prices include guides, transportation, jeeps & camels (according to itineraries), meals and camping equipment. Prices do not include visas, border taxes, tips, or any additional costs not listed as inclusive in tour.


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