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"It is a lie. For those who go there now, smooth, comfortable, quick and easy, sliding through as slick as grease, 
will never be able to see what we saw. They will never feel what we felt.
They never know what we knew, or understand what we cannot forget."

Beyond The Wall  / Edward Abbey


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7 day tour of Israel: Jerusalem
7 day tour of Israel: Jerusalem

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Holy land tour of Israel- 7 days

Jewish tour of Israel- 11 days

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7 days group (regular) Holy land tour in Israel
The following Israel tour covers all of Israel's most important and famous sights and is packed with the entire major historical and biblical highlights as well Israel's best known natural attractions. A truly comprehensive tour covering Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Caesarea, The Sea of Galilee, The Mediterranean, the Dead Sea and more. This professionally guided tour of Israel was put together by some of the best Israel tour guides and follows a carefully planned route that takes in the fabulous scenery and fascinating places of interest along the way. This Israel tour option is ideal for people who want to get the very best of their time in Israel and see as much sights as possible in the time available.
Day 1 - Our representative meets you upon arrival in Israel and drives you to your Tel Aviv hotel for your first night. Depending on your arrival time you may be tempted to get out and experience the 'City That Never sleeps', and while a stroll around Tel Aviv is certainly an option we highly recommend an early night to recover from your journey and to rest for the tour ahead.
Day 2 - The Highlights of Israel's Coastline:

Floods in the Negev desert, Wadi Tzin
Floods in the Negev desert

We begin our Israel tour along Israel's Mediterranean coast line taking in its major attractions. We drive north from Tel Aviv to explore the scenic ruins of Caesarea, including its renowned Roman Theater and ancient viaduct. From here we make our way to Israel's major sea port of Haifa, on the way to Haifa we stop at the valley of Armageddon, known as Megiddo, to view the important archeological excavations being carried out there. In Haifa we enjoy the spectacular views of the bay and the renowned Bahia Gardens before continuing our journey to the ancient port town of Acre. We end our first day of touring in the ancient and picturesque harbor of Acre, taking in its historical city and scenic views. From here we head to Kibbutz Lavi where we settle for the night and prepare for the day ahead.
Day 3 - The Sea of Galilee:
The Galilee is a pastoral area surrounding the sea of Galilee and is home to the most important Christian sites Israel. We start the day at Tiberias before enjoying a short boat ride on the sea of Galilee itself which takes us to the village of Capernaum. It was in Capernaum that Jesus preached and gained his following of disciples, we can see here the excavations of the ancient village including the house of St Peter. After visiting a synagogue dating back to the second century we continue along the shores of Galilee to Tabgha. We visit a church dating in part back to the 4th century traditionally believed to be located on the site of the miracle of the bread and fish, an ancient mosaic depicting the miracle and is the central feature of the church. From here we head to the beautiful gardens on the Mount of Beatitudes and enjoy its superb views over the Sea of Galilee, it was here that Jesus gave his best renowned sermon 'The Sermon on the Mount. We explore the some of the best scenery in the area of the Galilee and Golan, including the Banias Springs and waterfalls, as we make our way back to Kibbutz Lavi where we spend the night.
Day 4 - Nazareth, Cana, Beit Shean and The Jordan River:
We drive towards Nazareth by the village of Cana, where the miracle of turning water to wine is believed to have taken place. We tour the major sites of Nazareth including the Church of the Annunciation, Joseph's' carpentry workshop and Mary's well. From here we head to the Jordan river and the Yardenit, this is the most popular place of baptism on the Jordan River and it attracts thousands of annual visitors of all faiths. At nearby Beit Shean we visit the freshly excavated remains of the ancient city including a Roman Theater. From here drive along the banks of the River Jordan before beginning our ascent to Jerusalem perched high in the Jerusalem hills for our first night in Jerusalem.


The olf city of Jerusalem
The old city of Jerusalem

Day 5 – Sightseeing tour of Jerusalem's Old City:
Today covers all the most important and best known sites inside the ancient walled city of Jerusalem and also takes in the spectacular views of the old city walls and the Dome of the Rock from the famous Mount of Olives. This intense full day Jerusalem experience covers: The Mount of Olives, The Church of All Nations - the Garden of Gethsemane, The Last Supper Room, King David's Tomb, The Muslim Quarter, The Temple Mount (entrance to mount depending on conditions), The Jewish Quarter, The Western (Wailing) Wall, The Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa) covering all of the 'Stations on the Cross' along the route. The Christian Quarter, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Garden Tomb here we end our day of touring and head back to our hotel for our second night in Jerusalem.
Day 6 - Jerusalem and Bethlehem:
Jerusalem is home to some of Israel's' most important attractions and landmarks. Today tour covers the delightful area of Ein Karem where John the Baptist was born, we visit the Church of the Visitation before a short drive takes us to Israel's tribute to the Jewish victims of the holocaust, the world renowned Yad Vashem Memorial. Close by we find the Israel Museum and the acclaimed Shrine of the book where the Dead Sea Scrolls are exhibited. We head out of Jerusalem and into the Palestinian areas to visit Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity before heading back to our hotel for our third night in Jerusalem.
Day 7 – The Dead Sea and King Herod's Masada Fortress:

The Arava Valley and Eilat Mts.
The Arava Valley and Eilat Mts.

Driving south from Jerusalem into the heart of the Judean Desert we stop briefly at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. A short drive from there takes us to the lowest place on earth - The Dead Sea. We drive along the Dead Sea coastline to the foot of one of Israel's most visited tourist attractions, the Masada fortress. Perched on the edge of the dramatic cliffs that flank the Dead Sea and constructed by King Herod, this mighty fortress enjoys spectacular views across the Dead Sea to the Mountains of Jordan, all part of the spectacular Great Rift Valley. We ascend by cable care to explore this incredible site before heading down to the shores of the Dead Sea where we can enjoy a dip in its ridiculously buoyant waters and bake ourselves in the rejuvenating mud. Having enjoyed the beatifying and relaxing qualities of the Dead Sea we commence our journey back to Jerusalem for our final night, in the confidence that we are returning home not just better looking than when we left (…okay, perhaps not), but with a complete Israel tour experience full of the sights and places that make Israel so unique and unforgettable to the many thousands of tourists who choose to visit here every year. 
Day 8 - Optional transfer to Ben Gurion airport


Agriculture in the Jordan Valley
Agriculture in the Jordan Valley


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