A selection of hotels in Aqaba & Petra Jordan for the night before the tour.

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Aqaba Hotels

Promotion price for the coming mont - 1 day Petra tour from Eilat: 229$ p.p instead of 259$!
Visa info to Jordan 
We take your passport details before the tour and arrange the visa for you.  You receive it at the border on the day of your trip. The visa costs $60 for visitors to Petra and there is a further $65 charge for the border taxes and tips so the total border fee on the day is $125 (or $131 if paying by credit card).  People spending two nights or more in Jordan get the Visa for free and since hotels are more comfortably priced than those in Eilat it's an option that a lot of our guests go for. Just one night in Jordan reduces the Petra Entrance fee by $60, so for most people it's definitely worth staying a night or two and taking in more of the sights. 
People  who choose to spend a night in Aqaba before their tour will receive transportation right to their hotel, including help crossing the border.
Jordan hotels: Hotels in Aqaba
The increasingly popular resort of Aqaba is situated on the Red Sea coast right beside Eilat. It enjoys the same mild weather, marine life and delightful beaches. 
The hotels in Aqaba range from luxury to rustic and the nightly rates are significantly lower than similar standard hotels in Eilat. Many major international hotel chains have hotels in Aqaba offering all the service you would expect from the top names. 
Our year-round relationship with these hotels allows us to offer our clients the best deals available at the time of their visit and according to their personal requirements. We keep you updated on the current Aqaba hotel rates including any special offers available during the dates of your stay. 
Top end hotels include;
 The Kempinski Hotel Aqaba – The Moevenpick Hotel Aqaba – Intercontinental Hotel Aqaba –
Hilton Doubletree Aqaba The more pocket friendly hotels that offer comfort and good service
include, The Mina Hotel Aqaba and The Captain Hotel Aqaba.

Petra Hotels
Petra too boasts a range of hotels from leading international chains to friendly family run hotels. Here too you can get the very best deals on offer during your stay with our hotel booking service that lets you know where the best deals are available on any given dates. 
We work closely with;
The Taybet Zaman Hotel Petra – The Marriott Hotel Petra – The Moevenpick Hotel Petra –
-The Amra Palace Hotel –
-The Petra Moon Hotel – The Petra Palace Hotel-

A selection of hotels in Aqaba & Petra Jordan. Aqaba hotels for the night before or after the tour to Petra

Many of our one day and 2 days Petra clients choose to stay in Jordan the night before their Petra tour.  We offer a wide selection of hotels just minutes away from Eilat in the town of Aqaba on the Red Sea. We also include transportation to each of the hotels. Visitors who choose to stay in Aqaba benefit from lower room rates than those staying in Eilat. They have more time experiencing Jordan and a comfortable 8.00am morning pick-up time for the Petra tour itself.

Transportation from Eilat to the border and to the hotel in Jordan are included.

Pls check cost with us for promotion prices in off season.


Kempinski Aqaba hotel 5* Deluxe: probably the grandest of Aqaba's hotels. If offers all the services you would expect from a world-class five star hotel. It is centrally located on the water's edge (private beach) and enjoys views over the whole bay of Aqaba. 

Intercontinental Aqaba hotel 5* Deluxe: a luxury hotel (5*) with large private beach and outdoor pool. It offers outstanding views over the bay and a wide range of water sports. The hotel is also in walking distance from the city center and ideal for those who want to get to know also the city. 

Moevenpick Aqaba hotel 5*: a 5* hotel that is located on the private beach and on the other side of the road (roofed bridge over road connects both parts). The architecture is a mix of European and Arabesque designs and it has got nearly 300 rooms plus suites and apartments.  

Hilton Double Tree Aqaba hotel 5*: this 5* hotel is located in the city center, and in walking distance from the beach. It is decorated in contemporary Italian design. From some of the upper floors you can enjoy the view of the bay. We offer a great rate for this 5* hotel.   

Captains hotel Aqaba 3*:  friendly and clean 3* hotel located in the city center of Aqaba, and very a good budget option for those who want to spend the night in Aqaba to get a feel of the only Jordanian port town. The dinner buffet offers a variety of traditional meals and seafood dishes. 

Mina Hotel Aqaba 3*: another good 3* option in Aqaba, only 3 minutes walking distance from the beach. The hotel is located near the city center of Aqaba and the staff is welcoming. You can enjoy views over the city from bar and terrace.  

Moevenpick Petra hotel 5* Deluxe


Marriott Petra Hotel 5*


Taibet Zaman Petra hotel 4*


Petra Moon Hotel 4*


Petra Palace Hotel 4*


Amra Palace Hotel 4*





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