Visit Petra:2 days tour in Petra only from Eilat, incl Jabel Ad Deir (the Monastery),
High Place of Sacrifice and Aaron tomb (Jabel Harun), 
candle light Petra tour.
Travel to Petra with us. 
Can be arranged from Jordan as well.  



"The desert is beautiful," the little prince added. And that was true. I have always loved the desert.
One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing.
Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams . . .

The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery



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Tour to Petra from Eilat
Jordan tour from Israel Tour to Petra- the Monastery


Visitors to Jordan for less than 2 nights now pay an additional $60 in visa fees, as a  result we are currently advising our 1.5 and 2 day tour guests to add an additional night to their stay in Aqaba before the tour. The advantage of staying 2 nights include a free visa to Jordan, better hotel rates than in Eilat, reduced entrance fees to Petra and a comfortable transfer service included in the booking cost. All in all, this option offers the best value for money. 
We take your passport details before the tour and arrange the visa for you.  You receive it at the border on the day of your trip. The visa costs $60 for visitors to Petra and there is a further $65 charge for the border taxes and tips so the total border fee on the day is $125 (or $133 if paying by credit card).  People spending two nights or more in Jordan get the Visa for free and since hotels are more comfortably priced than those in Eilat it's an option that a lot of our guests go for. Just one night in Jordan reduces the Petra Entrance fee by $60, so for most people it's definitely worth staying a night or two and taking in more of the sights. 
People  who choose to spend a night in Aqaba or Wadi Rum before their tour will receive transportation right to their hotel, including help crossing the border.
Visitors to Jordan who are not visiting Petra pay $90 for the entrance visa instead of 60$. 

  Online booking for Petra daily tours from Eilat. For info. contact us.

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2 days tour in Petra only from Eilat
Day 1-  We collect from hotels at 7.00am to ensure we are among the very first to arrive at the border-crossing and once the Jordanian visas are issued we are on our way to Petra.
Your tour is exclusively Desert Eco Tours so there is no waiting around for other companies to show up.

We now begin the two-hour drive to Petra via Aqaba and the famous Wadi Rum. Your specialist guide will give you an in-depth briefing on the history of Jordan and its culture. Nearing Petra we stop at a viewpoint overlooking the town of Wadi Musa (Moses Valley) and on a hilltop in the distance we can see the shrine which marks the grave of Aaron, Moses’ brother.

Tour to Petra- Mount Aaron, Aaron tomb
Tour to Petra from Israel- Mount Aaron

From the visitors center at Petra’s entrance  we walk to the Siq Canyon. Horses are available for this short walk but a tip is expected from the handlers ($5), owing to highly negative feedback we strongly encourage participants walk with their guide to the Siq instead of using the animal services. On the route we see the Silica Quarries, The Jinn Blocks and the first large site the Obelisk Tomb. At the entrance to the Siq we see the stone dam that protects Petra from floods and the ancient drainage channels of the site. Entering the Siq we see the remains of the Arch that marked the entrance to Petra. We also see the beginning of the Petra’s ingenious water system that runs the whole length of the Siq. Within the Siq we find several deities and ancient carvings adorning its towering canyon walls. At the end of the Siq we find Petra’s most renowned monument, The Treasury (Khazneh). Here we take a few minutes for photographs before continuing our tour along the impressive Street of Facades, towards the Nabatean Theater. We get an impression of some of the most impressive graves, the Royal Tombs. If time allows we walk further along to the Colonnade Street and visit the Great Temple.  We head to a modest restaurant inside Petra for lunch and while the tour group begins its return journey to Eilat you have the rest of the day to continue through Petra at your leisure. You can take this opportunity to visit the places the one day Petra tour doesn't see including the Monastery (Jabel Ad Deir) or the high place of sacrifice (Jabel Madbach) and if pre-booked, Mt. Aaron. The guided part of this day ends at the restaurant so before he heads back with the one day group your guide will give you suggestions on how to spend your time in Petra based on your interests and the amount of time left before sunset.  
After the first day in Petra you will head to our office near the entrance of the site and from there to your hotel or Bedouin camp in the nearby Wadi Musa.
Day 2 This is a full day touring Petra independently or with a local Bedouin scout (no guide); Our staff will take you from your accommodation back to Petra and you spend the day exploring yet more of the major sites, you may choose to get a closer look at the Royal Tombs and the archeological ruins on the lower grounds, or for the more energetic the 'High Places' of  Ad Deir (Monastery) and  the High Place of Sacrifice are particularly popular, you should be aware that to cover both of these high sites on a single day requires an early start and a high level of physical fitness as each one requires a good uphill hiking ability and for most people one 'high place' is enough on a single day. Please advise our office in advance if you wish to see both sites on the same day so we can prepare the early transportation. In the afternoon you make your way back to the Siq canyon and return to Petra's entrance. We take a late lunch at a restaurant in Wadi Mussa, remember that drinks are not included in the tour price (standard practice). Returning from here to Aqaba and Eilat, en route we see the sunset over Wadi Rum and briefly getting an impression of Jordan’s only port city, we return to Eilat hotels by evening.
The cost of a local scout to lead you on  the second day is $80 inclusive for the whole group.

Another option for either day in Petra (with a supplement) is ascending Aaron's Mountain -  Jabel Harun to Aaron's tomb, we board a local Bedouin 4x4 pick-up for the off-road drive to Mount Aaron. We leave the vehicle where the jeep trail ends and begin the  half hour ascent to its summit on foot. On the mountain peak we find Aaron's shrine and enjoy the astonishing panoramic views from the summit. From here we head down and make our way to Petra's entrance and begin our drive back to Eilat.

Please be advised that the issue of the animal handlers in Petra is entirely out of our hands and therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for the services they provide. Unfortunately, based on a lot of experience, we must advise you to avoid using them if you possibly can. We hope that very soon we will be able to update this page without these negative points but for now, we cannot stress strongly enough our stance against using any animal transportation services in Petra. 

extra night option in Wadi Rum
Optional extra night in Rum- Guests wishing to spend an additional night in Wadi Rum at the end of the tour choose among a regular Wadi Rum camp, 4* camp or a luxury one. We collect the following morning for the return drive to Eilat. An optional 
Regular camp: Shared bathroom.
4* camp: Private bathroom
Luxury and Bubble camp: Fancy facilities
Price for adding a night in Wadi Rum in the end of the tour: 
Regular camp: 110$ p.p. Shared bathroom, small tents
4* camp: 145$ p.p. Private bathroom and big tents (recommended)
Luxury camp: 208$ p.p.  Bubble ten in luxury camp: 248$ p.p.
Incl: Bedouin camp, 2 meals, transfer back on the next morning to Eilat


Private Petra tours
Jordan tours from Israel: Private Petra tours from Eilat

Price: $399 each, children under 12: $50 less (with 3*hotel)
Incl: guide on day 1, transportation, bottles of water, 2 lunches and 2 entrances to Petra, overnight in 3* hotel with half board.
Not incl: Visa into Jordan ($60), handling and border tax ($65) and tips. Drinks with meals in restaurants (as standard practice).
Single room supplement: $40.
High season supplement: 6$ p.p. on the 3* and Bedouin camp

Accommodation in Petra:
the tour price includes 3* hotel
The tour price includes 3* hotel
Amarin or 7 wonders Bedouin Camp: Recommended, supplement of $12 per person. Hi season sup. 6$ more pp. 
5* Deluxe Movenpick Petra hotel: High Season supplement: 180$, Low Season: $120 pp. per person sharing a room
5* Hayat Zaman Resort: (Taybet Zaman before) Great promotion Price for reopening, it is built on top of the ruins of an ancient 200 years old Arab village on the edge of the Edom Mts.
     Supplement- High Season: 108$, Low Season: 75$ per person sharing a room, highly recommended! No alcohol is served.
3* - La Maison, 7 wonders hotel, Tetra hotel or similar: (no supplement) High season 8$ more pp.

Optional: Petra by night- every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Online booking of Petra tours from Eilat

Due to recent changes at the border we’d like to point out the following;
1)     Visitors to Jordan for less than 2 nights now pay an additional $60 in visa fees, as a  result we are currently advising our 1.5 and 2 day tour guests to add an additional night to their stay in Aqaba before the tour. The advantage of staying 2 nights include a free visa to Jordan, better hotel rates than in Eilat, reduced entrance fees to Petra and a comfortable transfer service included in the booking cost. All in all, this option offers the best value for money and saves about $120 on the visa and entrance fees to Petra.
2)  People who wish to travel for a one day tour should consider the option of staying overnight in Petra (1.5 day tour below) and benefiting from the reduced Petra entrance fees for overnight visitors ($60 less). This option also gives visitors the opportunity to spend several more hours inside Petra exploring the site at their leisure. 
Another option is spending the night before the 1 day tour in Aqaba, this means reduced entrance fees at Petra, better hotel rates than in Eilat and a more comfortable morning pick-up time at the start of the tour.
People  who choose to spend a night in Aqaba before their tour will receive transportation right to their hotel, including help crossing the border.  

Tours to Jordan from Israel don't include: Israel to Jordan border taxes and handling, which
total $65 per person and Visa to Jordan $60. It is customary to tip in Jordan; we recommend the equivalent of $10 per client - per day. This is shared by the Jordanian guide with the rest of Jordanian tour staff.

Remember: you can also visit Egypt, the Pyramids or the Sinai desert from your Eilat base.

Desert tour in Wadi Rum
Eilat to Jordan: Desert tour in Wadi Rum


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