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The desert has gone a-begging for a word of praise these many years.
It never had a sacred poet: 
it has in me only a lover.
John C Van Dyke - 1901


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Camel tours in the Sinai desert
Tours to the Sinai desert

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Israel. Jordan and Egypt tour:
For visitors who have limited vacation time and are eager to get as much as possible out of their visit. This page allows clients to reduce their tour duration substantially and still fit in all the major sites of Israel, Jordan and Egypt. In 3 and 4 day tours you can visit two world wonders, the Pyramids, Cairo and Petra and in just a few days more can cover any or all of the major sites of each country. Based in Eilat southern Israel, our offices are the central point between all these tour areas. The following drive times give you an indication of how we succeed in including so many sites on our tours.  (We begin and end the tours in Tel-Aviv, Eilat or Cairo depending on clients flight arrangements.)

Driving time from Eilat:

Eilat to Petra – 1:45 hours
Eilat to Wadi Rum – 1 hours
Eilat to Mount Sinai – 2 hours
Eilat to  Jerusalem – 4 hours
Eilat to Dead Sea – 2:30 hours
Eilat to Pyramids/Cairo – 6 hours
Eilat to Mitzpe Ramon- 2 hours
Eilat to Southern Negev- 15 minutes
Eilat to the Galilee- 5 hours

Customize your own tour to Jordan, Israel and Egypt from the following 1-3 day options

You can choose any combination of tours and places from the following list and we will tailor your tour itinerary for you.  (Don't forget you can include a free day in Eilat or at a resort hotel on the Sinai coast). Once you submit the days you require we send you a packed itinerary with details of all the places that will be visited on the tour.

Tour add-ons of Israel  and  Egypt and Sinai
Our tour add-ons are a great and easy way to visit the more extraordinary attractions. 
Take a short glance at these popular add-ons to see how a few extra hours can make a world of difference to your tour.


Tours to Jordan: Jeep tour in Wadi Rum


List of tours:
Israel tours:
1 day Jerusalem
2 days Jerusalem- Including Bethlehem
1 day Dead Sea and Masada
1 day Ramon Crater and the Negev desert
1 day Eilat Mountains by jeep
1 or 2 days Galilee & Golan
Jordan tours:
1 or 2 days Petra
1 day Petra and Wadi Rum
2 day Petra and Wadi Rum
Sinai tours:
1 day Mt. Sinai and St Catherine's Monastery
1 day Jeep and camel desert tour
1 day Desert jeep tour including snorkeling on the red sea coast
1 day Camel ride in the Sand Stone Area
Egypt tours:
1 or 2 days Cairo
1 or 2 days  Luxor


Tours to Egypt & Cairo: The Great Pyramids of Giza


Here are some tour examples:
3 day tour: Petra and Cairo (including Pyramids)
4 day tour: Petra - Wadi Rum - Mt Sinai - Cairo
5 day tour: Mitzpe Ramon (crater)- Jeep, camels and snorkling tour, Eilat - Petra - Wadi Rum - Mount Sinai's sunrise and camels
6 day tour: Jerusalem - Dead Sea, Masada - Petra - Cairo
8 day tour: Jerusalem - Dead Sea, Masada - Petra - Wadi Rum - Mt Sinai - Cairo - Luxor
7 days – Jerusalem, Petra, Sinai and Pyramids Tour (Full program)
Our 7 day inclusive tours cover the highlights of Israel, Jordan and Egypt.
Tours begin in central Israel and end either in Cairo or back in Israel. Clients may create their own itinerary as an alternative to the tour listed here.

Day 1 - Jerusalem Highlights
Starting Early on the Mount of Olives we begin with a briefing on the history of Jerusalem whilst taking in the views of the Old City below. We make our way to the Garden of Gethsemane, the Church of All Nations and the Orthodox Church of Mary Magdalene. We tour Jerusalem's Old City starting at the Western Wall next to the temple mount. We visit the excavations of the city wall tunnels and visit the Dome of the Rock (if open), which is Islam's most important site in Jerusalem. From here we make our way through the Jewish Quarter to the Pools of Bethesda near the Lion's gate. We visit the Islamic school which enjoys spectacular views of the Dome of the Rock. Beside the school we find the picturesque Franciscan Monastery of the Flagellation, this marks the beginning of the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa). We walk the whole length of the 'Way of the Cross' the Via Dolorosa has many sights of interest along its length and it leads through the Arab quarter and Arab market to the massive Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher.  We tour the various decorative chapels within this imposing Church including the hill of  Calvary and the Tomb of Jesus. From here we head to the Citadel and through the Armenian quarter we reach Zion's gate and Mount Zion. Here we find both the Last Supper Room and the traditional site of the Tomb of King David. Overnight in Jerusalem in 4* hotel.


Christian tours in Jerusalem: the old city

Day 2 – From Jerusalem we head to the Dead Sea where we take some time to enjoy the unique scenery and take a short dip in its rejuvenating waters. On the cliffs overlooking the Dead sea with spectacular views of the Arava Valley (Syria-African rift) we have Masada. We tour Masada before heading back by cable car to our vehicle and continuing on to Eilat where we cross the border into Jordan. Overnight in Aqaba.
Day 3 – On this day you may choose to join the regular day tour we do daily to Petra only or to take a private tour that require a supplement of price. We set off early to Petra and visit the main sites of Petra, beginning at the Siq Canyon and the we walk through Petra at a leisurely pace while our guide explains the fascinating history behind this remarkable city. Following lunch we leave Petra and head to Wadi Rum, a 4x4 jeep tour takes us to the Seven Pillars, Lawrence's Spring and Haz Ali canyon. From here we drive back to the border into Israel and a short drive takes us onto the Egyptian border. After finishing border and visa formalities we head to a resort hotel on the spectacular Sinai coastline and settle for the night.

Those who wish to do the Petra tour privately, can do so for a supplement.

Recommendation for a private day tour (in Petra and Rum with supplement) will allow us a short 1.5 hour jeep tour of Wadi Rum. There  we board our 4X4 jeep, driven by professional Bedouin drivers onto the legendary sandstone area of Wadi Rum. The enchanting Wadi Rum is an area almost surreal in its distinctive beauty. We cross red sand dunes and explore the beautifully eroded pillars of sandstone rock. We visit the famous spring  of Lawrence of Arabia and the canyon   of  ‘Haz Ali' . It was in the area of Wadi Rum that Lawrence  was inspired to write his book - ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom', Wadi Rums beauty remains intact and it's breathtaking scenery is still an inspiration for those who travel there. By evening we will cross the border (through Eilat) into Sinai for our night in a great Bedouin hostel near Mt. Sinai. 
Sup. for a private day tour to Petra and Wadi Rum:  2 people: 150$ p.p.  3 people 125$ p.p. 4 people or more 105$ p.p.
Day 4 – We drive into the depths of Sinai and visit Mount Sinai, the site of the Ten Commandments. Here we also find the Monastery of St Catherine at the foot of St Catherine. We visit the monastery and after lunch walk up to the summit to take in the spectacular views and breathtaking sunset. We head back down and head to our hotel near the local village, where we enjoy our evening meal before settling in for the night.
Day 5 – Early morning we go directly to Cairo where we enjoy a refreshing brunch before heading on to the only remaining wonder of the ancient world - the great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, we take our time exploring the pyramids and learn of Egypt's rich and fascinating past. We enjoy a cruise on the Nile with a traditional Egyptian sailboat – a Feluca. We spend the remainder of the afternoon in Cairo's largest Oriental market The Khan al Khalili bazaar. By evening we check-in to our Cairo hotel or take the night train to Luxor.
Day 6 - today we start with an early morning flight to Luxor (or arrive morning by the night train)- here we find the spectacular temple complex dedicated to the God triad - Amun, Mut and Chons. We see the remains of the avenue of sphinxes which originally connect the temple of Luxor to the temple of Karnak We explore the Karnak temple complex, that is overwhelmingly huge in all dimensions. It's the second most popular site in Egypt after the pyramids of Giza. We visit the Precinct of Amon-Re, by far the largest of all Egypt's temple halls. On the opposite banks of the Nile we visit the Valley of the Kings where Egypt's Pharaohs and royalty were entombed, we explore at least one of the major tombs that are open to the public (various tombs are opened at the discretion of the authorities, depending on ongoing excavations) We also visit the Valley of the Queens where the pharaoh's wives and close relations were entombed in decorative burial chambers. We take an evening flight back to Cairo and return to our hotel.

Tours to Petra- Jordan: The Monastery

Day 7- Following breakfast we spend the morning exploring the vast Egyptian Museum. Much of Egypt's priceless treasures can be viewed here, including the treasures of Tutankhamen. After lunch we visit the highlights of old Cairo including it's renowned Coptic churches. We return to our vehicle and on to Cairo's unique Mohammed Ali Mosque. From here we begin our return journey to Israel, arriving at approx 22:00, or transfer to Cairo airport.
This popular private tour is customized according to client's personal requirements and budget. A selection of hotels and alternative tour options are available prior to booking. Pricing and additional information are all available upon request.
Price: 2 people- 2590$ p.p. 3 people- 2340$ p.p. 4 people or more: 2180$ p.p. 5 people or more: $2130p.p.
Sgl supplement: 420$
Sup. for a private day tour to Petra and Wadi Rum:  2 people: 150$ p.p.  3 people 125$ p.p. 4 people or more 105$ p.p.

Incl:4* hotels, guide, all transfers, all meals in Jordan and Egypt, entrance fees, night train from Cairo to Luxor and back.
Not incl: border tax and tips, lunch and dinner in Israel.
Private tour supplement to Petra and Rum- depends of number of people.
Optionals: Changing the flights into a night train in Egypt: 260$ less p.p.
5* supplement: 695$ p.p. (for the whole tour)
5* sgl supplement: 760$

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